Any Direct Entry NP programs that will take a non-RN with a BS from another field

  1. 0 Hi all, I'm researching into Nurse Practitioner programs to see how to get there as directly as possible. So far I found two types of graduate programs: 1. Direct entry MSN ( which gets you an RN but not NP) 2. DNP or MS program which requires RN. I have a B.S. in another scientific field but no RN.

    Does anyone know of a direct entry NP program without the RN pre-req? Thanks.
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    There are plenty, unfortunately you have missed some of the deadlines. Some schools that most people have applied to have been Yale, Johns Hopkins, Univ. California at San Francisco, Columbia and the list goes on. Some of them give you a BSN after an accelerated year before you get into the graduate level work. You just have to do some major research.
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    The Americal Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has a list of Direct-Entry MSN programs at Some of these are direct-entry NP, some are for a generalist MSN.
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    Quote from UVA Grad Nursing
    The Americal Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has a list of Direct-Entry MSN programs at Some of these are direct-entry NP, some are for a generalist MSN.

    I wish I knew about this site when I was researching schools! That would have made it a lot easier!
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    I'm at Depaul University in chicago right now and we graduate in generalist nursing with an MS, are qualified to take the NCLEX but do not need to go on to certify as an NP
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    There are a few here in Chicago..DePaul being one, Rush has one as well as UIC.
    They are out there so don't give up!
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    Yes, there are several schools out there with direct entry MSN programs that train you to be an NP. It's perfectly fine to have a BS in another field, as long as you have satisfied the pre-req classes for the program. Definitely utilize that link (posted by UVA grad) to view the list of direct-entry programs available. However, I have found that there are a few schools not on that list that should be. So, you may need to research individual schools. Good luck!
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    I am also looking for a MSN/NP alternative entry program where most of the classroom is available online. I am a respiratory therapist with a BS and all the prereqs for a physician assistant program.
    I have 26 yrs of clinical experience as well.
    Since I need to work full time I need to have online access.

    Thanks for your help!
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    There are very few programs that teach entry-level nursing classes online. Most programs require in-class and monitored clinical classes to teach people how to be nurses.

    Excelsior offers an online program for entry-level nursing, but Excelsior grads have encountered some difficulty to becoming licensed by several state Boards of Nursing (other threads on this site will have information about this).

    Most of the part-time programs are administered at community colleges. Most of the ABSN and Direct-Entry MSN programs require full-time enrollment only.

    Good luck with your hunt.
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    Quote from UVA Grad Nursing
    The Americal Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has a list of Direct-Entry MSN programs at Some of these are direct-entry NP, some are for a generalist MSN.
    WOW. I had no idea these type of program existed. I'm seriously going to look into these programs. You might have saved me many years of student loan debt. I already have a biology degree and healthcare work experience. I'm seriously thinking about becoming a NP and these programs would save a lot of heart ache. :typing
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    UT Knoxville has the program you are looking for. It is for non-nursing majors and you become an NP by the end of the program.
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    I have an undergrad (BS) in English and an MBA but I've had my EMT cert for 7 years and have been working fulltime in the field for the past 4 years, >10K hours patient care. I also have most, if not all, the non-nursing pre-reqs (3.9 science pre/co-reqs). I'd like to get into an NP program.

    I have an option to get into an ASN program locally leading to an RN. The only courses I'm missing for the ASN are the nursing courses, which I could complete on a part time basis and get the RN in 2 years.

    But, as you folk mention here, there also are direct entry NP programs.

    My question, if I get the ASN, would I be able to transition into an NP program directly since I already have a degree or would I have to get a BSN and then apply. Would it serve me better to skip the ASN and go the direct entry NP route?

    TIA for any help and advice.
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    This will vary from school to school. There is no 'uniform' response.

    At my own institution, there are two options for the ASN-prepared nurse who has an undergraduate degree in another area.

    Path 1: Pursue a BSN (12 months), then a specialty MSN (2 years fulltime, 3 years parttime).
    Pathway 2: Pursue a generalist MSN (clinical nurse leader (18 months). Then pursue a post-masters NP program (12 months fulltime or 24 months parttime).

    I know of two other schools in Virginia that will enroll the ASN-parepared RN with a BS/BA in another subject directly into the specialty MSN programs after completing 2 classes in the RN-BSN prorgam. No BSN degree is conferred though.

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