Any Chamberlain RN-to-BSN that have gone on to FNP? Any Chamberlain RN-to-BSN that have gone on to FNP? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Any Chamberlain RN-to-BSN that have gone on to FNP? - page 3

Hello all. I'm looking to get into an FNP program as soon as possible, before the big 2015 switch to DNP. I know there's some question as to whether or not the move to DNP for FNP's will happen... Read More

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    That's awesome khrissi17. I am starting July 9, 2012. I am very excited about getting my BSN at Chamberlain. I wish I only had 10 courses to take. My Associate program required Psychology and Human growth and development, so I am having to take Sociology as well as Economics, Stats and another English. I am hoping to take 3 courses a few semesters in order to complete program sooner. Do you have any suggestions of how I should pair courses? Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    aclovly How is your progress so far. I spoke with an admissions counselor today regarding the BSN and MS options, it sounded promising!
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    I received my RN to BSN from Chamberlain in December 2010, and I am currently in Chamberlain's FNP program. You are given $100 off per credit hour as an alumni who is attending Chamberlain for a Master's degree, which was a plus. I had heard (through the grapevine, not through my own experience) that it is more difficult finding a preceptor when attending an online program. I just began looking for a preceptor in the recent weeks, and there is a practicum coordinator who contacts them on your behalf.

    The reason I bring this up is because getting a good preceptorship may lead to a job offer, and this, of course, is the goal. One thing with Chamberlain's FNP program is that you are trained to work in a primary care clinic, not a hospital, which is not what everyone is looking for.

    Good luck