2014 UCSF MEPN Applicants - page 32

by JustD16

Hey everyone! Given that applications are due a month from today, I figured it was about time to start a thread. How are everyone's personal statements and applications coming?... Read More

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    Hi Kdiem -- thanks so so much for your willingness to chat. I can't seem to PM you since I have less than 15 posts. Can you PM me by any chance?

    Thanks so much!
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    Did anyone get an email notification of an incomplete financial aid application today? I wasn't aware that there was an application in the first place. The email comes with a link to the UCSF financial aid portal but requires a UCSF email to create an account. How would we log in?
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    Hi meangreenbean,

    Hopefully your received SJ's email about this mix up. We will be receiving a package soon via USPS with instructions on how to log in to myaccess to fill out the necessary financial aid info, so just hold tight until it comes .
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    Hi Rhubie_807,

    There are several current MEPNs that have kids. It clearly is doable, but tricky if you have very young children.
    It may be helpful to be proactive with SON leadership to find ways to pick clinical sites that are not super far away.

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    Regarding preparing for summer quarter:
    Answer 1: Refresh your A&P, go to library and read pharmacology, review med terminology
    Answer 2: Relax, make good use of free time, spend time with friends and family, exercise.
    My recommendation is the second option. There will be plenty of time to study as school starts...

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    The summer is quite packed, it likely may not be possible to fit many shifts on those weekends. However, I believe you will find it is more doable during Fall and onwards. Much will depend on how flexible your employer and work hours are. Also, you can try fit in more work days in-between quarters, and during holiday breaks.