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Admittedly, this is a bit early, but I'm planning on applying 2013 Fall for next year and was wondering if anyone else here is? Or if anyone here is in a direct entry MSN program and wouldn't mind answering some questions? I am... Read More

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    Does anyone know of any entry programs (for people with a BA in non-nursing) in CA that lead to a Family NP? My stats aren't that great so maybe one that's a bit easier to get into? Would it be wasting time to get a masters in CNL and then do a Family NP certificate afterward?

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    Hi Fancy eyes, I know there's the UCSF and Samuel Merritt programs that are direct entry's and made for students with non-nursing bachelors. I know both are very competitive but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, especially if you have experience in the field.
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    Well, I've started my hospital volunteering, just 5 hours a week in ED, and so far so good. I definitely feel in the way, but I am excited and feel like this is what I want to do. I just wish I had the skills and knowledge to be helpful! But, until then, I see hours of making beds, refilling medical supply carts, and cleaning medical equipment in my future. I think this will lead to some good shadowing opportunities, though, so I am staying positive!
    Has anyone tried to shadow a doula? I am not having much luck (yet) finding a NP to shadow, so I was thinking of branching out.
    Also, how terrible is this: I can't register for summer classes until May 1, and they start May 15. BUT, if I am able to get the two classes I need (AP2 and Micro), I will need to quit my job ASAP in order to handle the accelerated course load. BUT, of course, that turnaround between registering and when classes start isn't quite 2-weeks (the standard notice you are supposed to give at my job when you are leaving), so I am worried I might totally burn bridges with my current employer. Not terrible, because I wasn't going to ask them for a reference anyways... but still. Not exactly how I wanted things to turn out.
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    Legal nurse -- do you now of any doula programs in your area? I think if you're interested in being a midwife, having the doula experience will put you on top. I volunteered as a labor coach -- very similar to a doula and was able to really confirm my passion for midwifery while doing so (my essay was revolved around these experiences). At the UCSF program, I think all applicants accepted this cycle were all doulas at some point. I don't think it's enough to just volunteer in the ED since it's such a broad scope of care. For midwifery they want to make sure you have experience in the labor an delivery floors or shadowed midwives/women's health NP's. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    Hi Kdiem,
    Great advice! I just started cold-emailing doulas in my area (DC) to see if they allow shadowing. Unfortunately, there are only 3 birth centers in my area, and two said 'no'- one was booked with interns until 2014! Still waiting to hear back from the other one. I'm hoping an independent doula will take pity on me and let me attend. How did you break into that world??
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    Hi legalnurse 2 b and everyone...I'm wondering which hospital you are volunteering at, and or if you can recommend good places to volunteer in the East Bay or SF. I am particularly interested in Women and childrens health, L and D, and palliative care. Thank you!
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    Did anyone take a stats class online that they would recommend? Thank you!
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    KP- I took online stats through the Community College of Denver and aced it. Now, I had taken stats 3 times in person before, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been. I was actually able to catch an error the prof made by using the wrong number from a table. Overall, it wasn't that bad of a course to take online - I've been very successful with other online courses, so maybe it just played into my learning style better than sitting in a classroom.
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    I went through UC Berkeley extension and it was great- informative but not too hard. Definitely makes you work, but the nice thing is that it is self-paced.
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    Kdiem- I can't pm yet, but wanted to thank you for yours! I looked into doula programs near me and just got an interview to become an intern at a birthing center. Excited and hopeful that they give me a chance (considering I have no experience and am just a part-time student I am realistic about my chances, but still- excited!)

    Has anyone registered for summer classes yet? I have to wait until May 1

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