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Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for the 2013 cycle of MEPN at UCSF (application date would be September 1 of this year). I'll be applying for psych/mental health, and it will be my first time applying to this program. I was... Read More

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    Hey all!

    I too am applying to the Peds NP track this year. I applied last year and was wait-listed after my interview, so I'm REEEALLY hoping to make it all the way through this time.

    As for the numbers, I think there were around 600 applicants last year and around 120 were invited to interview. 60 were offered admission after interviewing. The number of people they take slightly varies each year (I think it depends on funding), but if you make it to the interview stage you've got a 50% chance after that. FNP and midwifery seem to always be the 2 most popular, and therefore competitive, specialties.

    Also, not to scare anyone off but I remember last year they cut one of the programs mid-application cycle. So some individuals had applied for a masters specialty, and that specialty got cut after the deadline. Unfortunately, those people were just out of luck as UCSF did not allow them to submit a new application to a different specialty. I got the sense that they felt very strongly that pursuing a program that offered your chosen specialty should be more important than just wanting to get into a certain school (e.g. UCSF). Based on that, I would recommend that you be very clear in why you want your particular specialty if you do get chosen for an interview.

    I received notification of being selected for an interview the first week of December last year. I just checked the letter (yes, unfortunately it is snail mail) and it was dated December 2nd, but I think I recall actually receiving it around December 7th or 8th. Last year, I was told by an admissions staff member not to expect it until mid-December, so I was surprised to receive it earlier. I think in general UCSF gives very conservative notification expectations so they don't get bombarded with emails and phone calls if they end up being late.

    Hope some of that info helps and good luck to everyone!!

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    Current MEPN here, just want to wish you guys GOOD LUCK. I got my letter on the 11th of December last year, I believe, but I was a few states away. Good luck guys!
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    If Steven Johnson is right...only 4 possible days this week to receive notification!! So antsy!
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    Oohhh, nervous! Has anyone received their letter yet? I checked my box yesterday but nothing.

    Does anyone know what happens if you don't get an interview? I mean, do they notify you at the same time or do they wait and do it later?

    Wishing you all interviews!
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    I haven't received anything yet. In past years I believe they send out invitation requests and rejection notices at the same time.
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    Got my letter today...

    Status: REJECTED

    And that's that!
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    Oh no Bardone It's okay! Keep your head up. UCSF is a toughy! I can't even check my mail yet...because I'm still in Philly. GAH!
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    And Bardone, can I ask where you're from? I wonder how quickly the snail mail are being sent.
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    @bardone ... sorry to hear about it! Man, can't believe the letters are out already.
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    No worries, guys! UCSF was not my first choice, and honestly, it's good to just get it over with. My other applications, though -- those better pull through!!!

    kdiem, I live in SF, so I imagine that this batch of letters was dropped in the mail on Friday. Watch out everyone, they are coming...

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