your PICU scrubs

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    Do you have to wear hospital provided scrubs? And if not can you wear whatever or do you have a specific color combo thats required? I realize it's different at every hospital, just curious.


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    If only hospitals provided scrubs!! Except for OR, most do not. It's a matter of $$$.

    Some places have a dress code: wear this(ese) color(s) only. But they don't buy them for you. Most places, you can wear what you want.
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    We can wear whatever we want............choice of color, style, etc.
    It depends on the facility...........
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    I had heard that some hospitals required the nurses working in intensive care to wear hospital scrubs along with the OR. I'm a nursing student and I just applied for a tech job in the PICU at a hospital here so I was curious how it was other places. I guess I'll find out if I get the job. We'll see.

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    If there are any left, that would be quite surprising.
    When I first started in hospitals, that was quite common, but is now the exception. You may see at it at a private facility that is quite small to begin with, but otherwise you are on your own.
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    Good luck with the job interview. :Melody:
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    I work in a PICU in the UK, and our scrubs are provided for us. Pale blue for staff nurses, navy blue to charge nurses/ sisters, purple for health care assistants, grey for physio, green for theatre people. They are in a different room, depending on which dept you work in, and there is a member of staff who makes sure that the scrubs are paired up correctly (eg same size top and trousers on a hanger together) and are hung on the rails in size order. So we go at the start of the shift, pick up our scrubs, change on the unit, and at the end of the shift they all get thrown in a linen skip and off to the laundry. It is nice not having 5 uniforms to wash every week anymore, as I did in my old job! And it is also nice to know that the RSV, MRSA or what ever other nasty bugs you've been around all day are left safely behind at work, not brought home with you!

    Just out of interest, those of you who wear your own clothes, do you travel to work in them, or do you change at work?
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    We wear our own. Our children's hospital provides us with a pair of royal blue scrubs with the logo on them, but they're not always easy to come by, and I haven't managed to get a set in my size yet.

    Personally, I love being able to wear what I want. The other day it was pink hearts, and tomorrow it's crazy lizards. I drive to and from work in my scrubs, but they get chucked in the wash the second I hit the door. I don't let my shoes in the house though. I go out to my car in flip flops and keep my shoes in the trunk. I change into them when I get to work. When I leave the floor, I chuck them into the trunk and drive home in the flip flops. I can't stand the idea of bringing THAT many germs into my house. (The clothes are bad enough!)
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    Flip-flops, huh Ali? Wouldn't I look so sweet wading through the three feet of snow on my patio to the garage every day in my flip-flops?
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    Quote from janfrn
    Flip-flops, huh Ali? Wouldn't I look so sweet wading through the three feet of snow on my patio to the garage every day in my flip-flops?
    Tee hee. Granted, some days it's a LITTLE cold for such footwear. The only days I subject myself to "real" shoes are the days we have snow. Which aren't too too many, since I live in Jersey. We pretty much just get nasty rain anymore.

    (But I would kill to see anyone in flip flops in 3 feet of snow!)

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