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Hi everyone! I'm a NICU nurse with 7 years of experience and I've decided to make the jump over to the PICU!! Reason #1 is because there were no NICU positions open in the hospital that I was applying to at the moment, and... Read More

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    The sheer fluid volumes alone will be a huge change! Yes, you can really give that whole liter bag AND 500ml of albumin AND a unit of PRBCs AND FFP!!!
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    I did the opposite actually. I did adult ICU for years before I did PICU....huge learning curve for me...and I was pushing 60 at the time. (oh to be 60 again!). Later, I stared moonlighting in the NICU. Looking back over my career (I'm retired now) I would say PICU was the most satisfying place to work in all my years of nursing. NICU was a nice change of pace, but I don't think I could have spent my entire career there. If you love variety and learning something new everyday.... and seeing many of your patients get better (which I didn't get with adults) will love being an PICU nurse.

    Best to you,
    Mrs H.