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List of hospitals that hire new grads in picu

  1. 0 I am currently a nursing student and will graduate in a year. My heart is set on working in the picu. I love it. However, i know that many hospitals dont hire new grads into picu. I am scared that if i dont start in picu i will never have the opportunity to make the transition. My question is what specific hospitals will hire new grads into picu? I have googled this with no luck. I live in the south but am willing to move anywhere in the u.s. After graduating. Any hospitals that you guys work at or know of that are willing to have new grads in picu? Thanks for the help!
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    I know that many hospitals do hire straight into the PICU and as it is a definite challenge- It is feasible. I started in the PICU at ALL Children's in St. Petersburg, FL 7 years ago. They still hire new grads into the PICU and have a great program called the Versant Program- a 6 month orientation. Let me know if you would like contact information. Hope this helps! Best Wishes- Nicole
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    Children's Memorial in Chicago has an internship program, there's lots of information on their website. Best of luck!
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    There are many hospitals that hire new grads in the PICU. DC children's has a new grad program for PICU. ALso George Wahington and Washignton Hospital Center have adult ICU (Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Neuro ICU, and others) intern programs for new grads. Check out the websites for further details
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    I started about 14 years ago in the PICU at Children's Memorial in Chicago- I received the absolute BEST orientation! I cannot say enough about the unit- I moved 7 years later and I still miss it! No other PICU has come close to compare. They still hire new grads- in fact, I think they now have an extern program. Check them out! Good Luck!
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    Sunrise Children's Hospital in Las Vegas, NV has a great New Grad program...Although I do not think it is listed on their website. Definently worth looking into....
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    In California...

    San Diego Rady Children's New Grad RN residency

    Orange County (Los Angeles Area) CHOC RN residency

    Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (@ Stanford Univ., Palo Alto)

    You have to apply months in advance to get into these programs, some have 20 spots for 300+ applicants, so plan ahead and watch deadlines!!

    Good luck!
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    In Baltimore/DC area: University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown

    hope that helps!
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    Thank you guys so much for helping! I still have a year to graduate but I am planning in advance so its not all one big rush! I am keeping a list so I will be ready when its time to apply. Thanks again
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    I worked in the PICU @ Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland right out of school. I also know someone who worked in PICU @ The Cleveland Clinic right out of school as well.
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    Children's healthcare of atlanta hires new grads into their PICU

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    i know that both the university of north carolina and duke university medical center have in the past, although can't confirm that either is presently doing so.

    i hope this information was helpful and good luck!
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    Cincinnati Children's Hopsital Medical Center hires new graduates in the Picu also.

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