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Can I join you? New PICU hire

  1. 2 Hi everyone,

    I'm having a good time reading tons of old threads and wanted to introduce myself before I start actively participating! I've been hired into the PICU at the hospital where I currently work in adult tele/intermediate care. I've been on my floor for two years and spent five years before that in EMS as a paramedic. I couldn't be more excited (and terrified) to make this jump!

    I have a month left before I move into my new position and have started reviewing basic peds stuff as I don't have any peds nursing experience...yikes...what a new ball game.

    Anyway--it's nice to be here!
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    It sounds like you are in a great position with your past experience to be a valuable member of your unit! :-)
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    Of COURSE you may join us! Welcome to Lilliput. Don't neglect your pop culture education - get to know Dora, Diego, Spongebob, the Disney princesses, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Ninja Turtles and all those other characters. They'll get you out of a lot of tight spots!
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    Thankfully I have two young'uns at home (1 year and 4.5 years old) to keep me up to's the slightly older ones I have to research a bit more for! LOL
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    My opinion of Justin Beiber has greatly diminished lately, and same with Miley Cyrus. But One Direction (the band) and Justin Timberlake, those are good topics. ;-)
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    I think you'll do great in your position. You can make use of your skills as ped. I am pretty sure that you can cope with that in no time. Welcome aboard.
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    I would suggest practicing calling dietary and requesting 'chicken nuggets and ranch dressing' - because WHEN I get a kid who actually eats real food, it seems like this is ALL THEY WANT.

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