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  1. by   nvitkuske
    Ok I have another question, do you know if the second degree program accepts FASFA? Because the deadline to apply is soon approaching. Its stilll PSU campus so I think it would but I was unsure if the Second Degree program was different.
  2. by   mmw99
    I would assume so. I would apply for the FASFA if I were you, the worst that could happen is to be turned down. But I don't know anything for sure.
  3. by   mmw99
    Has anyone else started their compliance's? I just started mine, only after paying and arm and a leg
  4. by   clg2
    So does anyone know about the student insurance if you don't have current health insurance and how it works?
  5. by   mmw90
    I looked into it slightly, and *I think*, you can have it billed to your bursars account. To apply for it all you do is apply online here. https://students.aetnastudenthealth....groupid=846513 and here is the fee schedule for the insurance https://www.aetnastudenthealth.com/s...GroupID=846513. Hope this helps you out a little bit
  6. by   clg2
    Thank you so much
  7. by   nvitkuske
    So my doctor wouldn't allow me to get me 2 step TB skin test because there is a nationwide shortage, meaning I won't be able to get it anywhere and neither will anyone else. I e-mailed*******about this and she still hasn't gotten back to me. I don't know what to do because our compliances will not be completed.
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  8. by   mmw99
    You saw a geisinger doc huh? lol I had the same problem BUT I went to med-express paid 30 bucks and I got the second part of my tb test done there. (I was able to get the first step done at geisinger, just not the second)
  9. by   Evans1238
    I just got my acceptance package today for admission for Fall 2014 at Penn State Altoona second degree nursing. I'm super excited! Anyone else coming in 2014?
  10. by   ashleykayb
    I also just got accepted into Penn State Altoona for the second degree nursing program about two weeks ago, so I will be going! So excited!
  11. by   ebeaton
    I was accepted to Penn State Altoona's second degree program, and I'm going too!! I can't wait!
  12. by   chelsm06
    I will be starting in fall 2014 too!
  13. by   Chrissy352r
    Has anyone been accepted for the Fall of 2015 yet?? I'm anxiously awaiting

Whoo just accepted into PSU Altoona's nursing program!  Who's with me?