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I'd like to know if anyone has attended, or is attending, West Chester Universities accelerated BSN program? do you like the program, did it prepare you for the real world of nursing, how much is the... Read More

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    Yes! I got my acceptance letter on Friday 2/26/2010.....I am excited cant not wait to put faces to everyone who I have been talking to.
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    Hey everyone,
    I am still gathering info. on the program and was just wondering about the time frame...is it exactly17 months, which means the program would end in October? Or is it the full 5 semesters, which would put the end of the program at the end of the last fall semester which would be the end of December 2011? I hope this question makes sense. I am just doing the math and it seems that 17 months would mean the program would end in the middle of the semester. If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.
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    correct the program ends Dec 2011, but we also have breaks off so if you really add it up and do the math its about 15 months. We get x mas break, spring break and other days here and there.
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    I received my official letter as well, but that packet they sent us isnt really useful. The only thing I got from it was that I need to pay a 200 deposit fee other then that it was basically useless.
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    Still waiting to get my official acceptance letter...hopefully it'll be here tomorrow. @Lefty Lou - when is the deposit due?? I just hope I get the packet in time to send it back!!
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    It said the deposit is due by March 22nd, so Im sure you'll get the packet before then.
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    well let me tell you getting financial aid is going to be a hassel west chester process is slow......financial aid can not provide me a package until i register for classes. I am getting confused already!
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    Do we have to register for classes ourselves? Were all in the same class and its a predetermined thing I thought since they have the days and times already set up for us. I didnt even talk to WCU about financial aid, I just filled out the FAFSA and hope that will be enough. I really hope they send us more information on what is going on because right now I feel clueless.
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    I just got accepted to the accelerated program today, so I guess I can start to join you guys in the confusion fun!!! Let me know if you hear or receive anything. Thanks
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    I received a letter in the mail yesterday. It said about paying the deposit, meeting with an advisor, and registering for classes. Im wondering if we really have to meet with an advisor since our classes are predetermined? I think Ill be making a phone call shortly because I really dont know whats going on haha.
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    That sounds like a good idea. I got the credit transfer info after I sent in my deposit. So I guess we know when orientation is and classes start...but not much more than that! I'm sure that everything will fall into place though!!
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    I just got more information about the orientation, and that they register us for our classes. The letter also stated that there is some kind of packet they want us to bring to the orientation and that tells us what books we need. Its just sorta inconvenient for me because I was gonna try to get all my stuff while i was at orientation since i dont live close to there at all..but oh well guess i better get used to it. Has anyone started to get all of the medical/precert stuff done like the TB testing, physical, eye exam, CPR cert?
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    Did everyone get the email about being a full time or part time student? I had NO idea that we had to be full time to receive any type of aid from the school. This is an issue since the first summer session we only have 9 credits. I looked up other courses that we can take during the first or last 5 weeks and basically the only thing that fits in our schedules is classes from 4-8 or 6-10 twice a week, and all but one are NOT nursing courses. I would be willing to take an additional class to get myself to full time but how do we know that we will actually get the aid. I hate to spend more money on classes that I dont need, especially when Im not sure if the school is giving me aid or not. Any info or advice please let me know!