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UPMC tuition reimbursement program

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    Can anyone tell me whether UPMC's tuition reimbursement program has a minimum number of hours per week that you have to work to qualify?
    Could you work 25 hours a week for the two year contract, or is it full time only?

    I am hopefully going to one of the UPMC'S schools next fall ( taking science courses this year) and want to be prepared.

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    It is full time. You have to accept a full time position with UPMC within 3 months of graduation, pass boards within a year. You then have to maintain the full time job for 2 years. If you don't you have to pay it back. I just pulled out my paperwork to verify the terms.
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    Thanks jguy! You have been so much help. I was afraid if that. Since I only want to work part time, I guess I won't be doing the tuition reimbursement then. Hopefully I won't be competing for jobs with people with whom they have the contracts and have to get placed! One of the reasons I want to go to a UPMC school is that since UPMC seems to own the 'burgh, for better or worse...it seemed like a good idea to be educated in their system.

    Thanks again!
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    Typing on an iPhone, so made some mistakes above wig autocorrect! Sorry!
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    Actually the tuition forgiveness is not a contract that they have to place us, so not doing it does not put you at a disadvantage in that respect, you just dont get them to pay for your second year is all
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    As someone who had the UPMC tuition reimbursement, I wanted to add, you could work "full time flex." Which means you get full-time benefits, are eligible to keep your tuition reimbursement, but can work anywhere from 20-40hrs a week. Might be something to look in to, I did "full time flex" when I was a tech in nursing school and it was great!
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    Do they offer tuition remission for dependents of employees?
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    Quote from ethelbsnrn
    Do they offer tuition remission for dependents of employees?
    I believe they do however their tuition reimbursement is crap. Even for full-time employees the most you can get is $3500/year, which hardly pays for books.