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Has anyone taken the PSB-RN Exam for the UPMC nursing programs? I took mine today and am not sure how I did. There was not enough time to finish the verbal, spatial, math section. I didn't think it was hard, but I only... Read More

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    The information about restesting at Shadyside said that you have to have proof of remediation or have 60 days pass before you can restest in the failed section.

    I got my results back last week and passed! not too bad for being out of school for 23 years. the science section was brutal - the recommended study book did not help much in that section at all, if you ask me.

    I have most of my admission stuff together - need to write my essay/paragraph part of it and collect my recommendations.

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    I took my test then too. I also have been researching about the test. I had to retest in the science. There were 90 questions and 30 minutes. I know I answered 70 of them for sure possibly more. I'm hoping I pass.
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    i took mercy on the 14th, and shadyside on the 21st...in case anyone is doing the same, please be aware that they were the exact same test. i thought they would be completely different versions and was shocked when i sat down at shadyside and realized it was identical. on another note, i am so anxious waiting for my mercy results...it will be 2 weeks tomorrow and i am getting very impatient!!!
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    Well Thank goodness at least someone agrees w me about Shadyside!!! To me , the school seems a "set-up" and possibly a fund raiser for UPMC. Remember, as a non-profit, UPMC can actually have an income, however, they must offset it with a cost or expense. One of the ways they offset this cost or expense is that they "provide funding for education"-namely in the form of tuition reimbursement. For example, they make 1 million, but then claim they are non-profit because they donated this 1 million to tuition expenses. So, into the picture comes UPMC shadyside school of nursing. Multiple students, I'm guessing probably 50-80% are receiving tuition reimbursement because they work for UPMC already, or possibly because their spouse or parent works for UPMC. In these cases, UPMC is educating their own employees for free (yes, and all at the expense of the unsuspecting student like myself who ends up working their ass off to be eligible to graduate here with honors, then the school kicks them out out for no reason, expells them from the school, because they claim they broke (when they did not) some totally ridiculous, unfair, unreasonable, and probably illegal "rule" which is contained in their approximately 200 page "rule book", which they regularly spend tons of money on every semester to reprint and issue to students-CHANGING THE RULES EVERY SEMESTER. Absolutely ridiculous . Also, think of how many of the school's own students are actually related to teachers at the school (when I was there, at least two of the teachers there even admitted to the class that their kids were enrolling in the school!!! Do you think they would be treated the same way I was treated??? The school has probably a hundred or so full and part time teachers , so likely this occurs often) I'm surprised Pitt main campus got bomb threats and not UPMC Shadyside school of Nursing!!! STUDENTS, you are doing it to yourself if you tolerate this unfairness!! Get together, hire a lawyer, fight for freedom and equality in the court system-for fair education- and the red white and blue that so many young guys (and women) are dying for overseas!! They gave their lives for our freedoms (and some maybe not their lives but they will never be the same). Won't you at least try to fight some? The fight occurs no only overseas, but here in our own country. Do your part!!!!! It's more important now than ever before. With rising tuition costs, and lower paying jobs (or no jobs) when you graduate, it is vital to fight. If you think this school (or any other school) treated you unfairly-in enrollment, in grading, in expelling you or kicking you out for some "rule violation", if they gave favoritism to other students while "throwing the book" at you, for the sake of millions who are mortgaging their futures to pay tuition in the hopes of a better future, fight it (in the legal system, not with bomb threats please!!)!!!! Contact an attorney, contact PA Dept of Education, contact US Dept of Education!! Let them know what is going on!!!
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    So... what exactly are you saying the problem is with shadyside? That they are unfair? How could you give some examples... did you end up graduating from the school? I met a few people who have gone there and they had nothing bad to say. I really am not being snarky I really just want to know what is so wrong with the school
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    The main problem with Shadyside is that it's really just a UPMC training facility, not a college or university, and it treats its students as such. If you go there, be prepared to be encouraged against any independent thinking or intellectual development whatsoever. You'll make a lot of posters, you'll learn what "color" your personality is, and if your class is "bad" (breaks the "rule book"), your teacher will have the "principal" come in and lecture the class.
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    Well, I contacted Shadyside SON and was told that I could not retake the math portion of the exam because there are only 56 days between the date I took the exam and the last possible test date. I've pretty much decided to take a CNA course in the fall, find employment in that capacity, then try for nursing school next year at my current school ((CCBC-Beaver Co.).
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    Seems to me that whoever scheduled the exam dates screwed up then. If they have this retest policy that clearly states 60 days (what college can you complete an entire course in 60 days?? Internet course only??) BUT the next exam date date is only 56 days away, seems to be some poor math skills on their part. How is this a student's problem again??? Believe me, this is par for the course for them but God forbid a student would operate like this, this is dismissal worthy for sure. It is worth giving them a call and explaining this fact to them. Nicely, of course.

    Do not take a CNA course!!! Waste of $$$$$$$ Apply at a UPMC facility and they will train you! All of the PCTs who come out of the training classes with Cindie Archer are AWESOME!!! She is excellent!!! If there is anything new or different about the process, I'll let you know as I work for UPMC.
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    I would love to work for UPMC as a PCT and eventually as an RN. I've applied and applied, but nothing has come thru.
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    Same here, I habe been applying for like a year now

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