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Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one! I was accepted to start in August 2013 and... Read More

  1. by   naturalgirl
    Rae, are you taking the online course they offer at Chatham online? I don't really think it's worth all of that money. I think the best thing you can do is answer as MANY questions as you can. They said they only count the number correct, so just try to answer EVERYTHING. An educated guess might yield a right answer. And on the reading comprehension, try just skimming the passage for the answer you're looking for. It's rough & a lot of pressure, but those 15 minutes are over before ya know it! Good luck! Hope I see you this fall at Mercy!! )
  2. by   bieralynn
    I took the Chatham course and my scores went up. The teacher had a lot of helpful tips. I don't think it was worth the money though.
  3. by   rae2181
    I just think I need someone to study with I do sooo much better with others. I signed up for the course.. No looking back.. Just praying I get in for aug! Fingers crossed here we go again.
  4. by   bieralynn
    Good luck! I also had to take the test twice. The studying wiped me out.
  5. by   bieralynn
    @vebb - it won't let me send you a message. Can you email me at abier39@mybc3.bc3.edu ?
  6. by   rae2181
    Ugh I am really going to appreciate if I get into mercy... They rescheduled my class to help with the exam. Does anyone know how many confirmed mercy has? As of feb there were 33. Do you know the deadline? And what is the latest anyone has heard of someone getting in??
  7. by   pixiestudent2
    I got in at the end of may maybe june.
  8. by   naturalgirl
    Rae, I would think that it depends on the last testing date (which I believe is sometime in may). I'm not sure if all of the seats fill up by then, but I would guess that's the deadline anyway. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  9. by   rae2181
    Thanks Sali and naturalgirl I will keep you posted.. I really want to get into mercy! I am the type who usually has option
  10. by   rae2181
    Sorry I hit send... But I have made up my mind that I will go to mercy... Just this thread goes to show you what kind of people I would choose to be my coworkers!! Thanks everyone.
  11. by   naturalgirl
    You said it, Rae! LOVING the determination! ;o)
  12. by   naturalgirl
    Ok! I got my info packet in the mail today and it looks like I have to CLEP 4 classes!...WHOA! Lol. And get my CPR, clearance and physical. It's a lot but I'm so excited! Guess I better start buying CLEP study guides! Hahaha
  13. by   vebb
    Oh my goodness.. you'll be fine I'm sure! I got finger printed today that was interesting to say the least LOL