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Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one! I was accepted to start in August 2013 and... Read More

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    Don't give up guys, brush yourselves off and take it again! I failed it 5 years ago and am kicking myself in the behind for not trying again sooner but then you weren't allowed to retake it.. you'll get in somewhere just keep trying! I know it sucks but believe me you aren't the only ones that test is hard but now you know what to expect. You can dooo it and when you do pass it and get in somewhere you'll appreciate it that much more!
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    I know I will. I already applied to CCAC's School of Nursing as well as West Penn Hospital's school, so I'll hear something good from one of them...hopefully!
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    Awesome attitude NursingRocks! Glad to see this not keeping u down!! Vebb, have u heard anything about when we have to have a CPR class done? Any clue which class we need? I went online & there's like 20 different certification classes!! Lol
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    I haven't gotten anything at all in the mail since I've been accepted! I'm anxiously awaiting to see what the next step is.. I had to call them a few times so I could find out if that nutrition transferred which it will thank god so now all I have to take other than the sciences is logic this summer.. whewwww! Wish something would come soon I like to be on the ball!
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    St. Margaret's said I would get more info in July on my acceptance letter.
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    Hey guys!

    I'm taking my psb on March 15th for Shadyside. Can you tell me what I should expect? I'm super nervous
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    Don't be nervous. It's honestly easier than you think. The only thing I found stressful about the test was the timing. For the reading comprehension section you are given (I think) 15 minutes to read 3 long articles and answer questions. I wasn't able to complete the section in the given time. Just remember. If you get a question wrong or don't answer one, it does NOT count against you. They only grade what you answered correctly. Just relax and treat it like a regular test. You'll do great!
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    Does anyone know anything about tuition reimbursement if you work for them?
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    Mercy will cost about 30k, if you do tuition program they pay 20k and you would be responsible for 10k, so 2500 each semester. You have to work for 2 years after graduation
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    Quote from sali22
    Mercy will cost about 30k, if you do tuition program they pay 20k and you would be responsible for 10k, so 2500 each semester. You have to work for 2 years after graduation
    10k is NOTHING.. esp. If you are guaranteed a job for two years in this economy. It's not going to be an easy job.. but it will be fulfilling I do know that. I love working with people and helping people and I think to be a successful nurse you need to have people skills.. because when it all boils down you can be a straight A student in the classroom but if you are working with people 24/7 and don't know how to deal with them and be personable and compassionate.. there is no point in even attempting to be a nurse. Yes, it will be a good salary... but!!! if you don't like working with people, ALL sorts of people (smart, dumb, big, small, rich, poor) you will be miserable..!

    I don't know how I turned this post into that but I did LOL.. its getting late and I'm tired so i'll go ahead and blame that! Just my thoughts I'm just getting very nervous about school and hope that my love of working with the public will help get me through because I know its going to be hard!
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    Naturalgirl, I can't reply to your message. It said something about you exceeding your limit for messages. My email is amthompson13@gmail.com. Send me an email lol

    You need to take the cpr for healthcare providers course. I took mine at ccac on a Saturday.
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    Just to clarify something vebb mentioned...UPMC is raising the tuition this upcoming semester. Therefore instead of paying 10k, you will have to pay 12k. Also, using the tuition forgiveness DOES NOT guarantee you a job ANYWHERE. Not even with UPMC. In fact, you have a certain timeframe that you need to secure a position with them, or else you have to pay back the tuition in full.
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    Hi Everyone! I plan to take the course and retake the test. I know there are other options but I have my heart and mind set on Mercy. I really felt at home when I went to open house! I cant believe the scores I got and I am not sure but I think you have to answer some sort of minimum? I am almost positive the ones I answered in Reading Comp were correct. However I only answered 12?