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Typical pay at Philadelphia area Children's Hospitals?

  1. 0 I am currently working as a nurse extern at CHOP on the oncology unit. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the pay rate for a new grad nurse at CHOP versus other children's hospitals in the area like St. Chris and Dupont.
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    I don't know the pay rate for DuPont but I hear they pay very competitively. St. Chris new grad rate was $27.50 2 years ago.
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    CHOP is on the lower end. Not sure about Nemours. St. Chris is still about 27 like hidden at stated.

    If you work at CHOP, is there a way to find out, from a new grad or HR...I am sure you can...
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    When i was a i was a new grad at CHOP 7 years ago it was 25.25 and after ur first year there was a 5 dollar raise.....not sure if they still do that though. When i got an offer at St Chris back then it was higher than CHOPs starting rate. SO im sure its a least 26-27 now.
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    I know it is low for the area, but not specifics. A lot of people work there for a couple years to get CHOP on their resume then leave for higher-paying jobs, but if the raise bit is true it doesn't seem like it would be logical to leave.