Thomas Jefferson University ASN-BSN Fall 2009

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    Hi, I was just accepted to Thomas Jefferson University's ASN-BSN program for the Fall of 2009 . I'm just looking to communicate with others who have also been accepted.
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    If you want, there are a few threads about it (and other Philly schools) in the Region > Pennsylvania > Pennsylvania Area Schools section.

    Congratulations, btw!
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    Thank you! I have checked other threads and none have anything about the ASN-BSN program at Jefferson. They are all about the FACT and MSN programs.
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    when did you get your acceptance? I just applied, do you know if the class is full yet? im assuming it is not b/c when i filled it out online it proceeded with my app. after it said some of the other nursing programs were full but did not specify the asn program was full. also, i did not take my net yet, i am scheduled to take it on feb. 14th. Do you know what the minimum score is? how did you do on it?
    Thanks for any info you can give me!!
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    Well, i was accepted seven days after my application was complete. I am not sure if the class is full yet but you can call and ask the people in admissions, they are pretty straight foward. They will give you the right info. The only thing is that you haven't taken the net test yet so your application won't be considered complete until you have taken it and they have the results (about a week after you take the exam). So most likely your application will fall into the fourth review period because in order to be in the third review period, you would have had to have all your application materials in by February 15th. They said they like to see a composite score of math and reading of around a 70 at least. I got an 86.
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    thanks so much, hopefully they arent full by the time i take my test, i will call them tomorrow or maybe send an email
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    Your very welcome and good luck!:wink2:
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    I know this post was made over a month ago, but I am also going to TJU in the fall for the ASN-BSN program. Just wanted to say hi!
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    Hello and Congrats! We have a facebook group called "Thomas Jefferson University ASN-BSN Class of 2011". Type the name of the group into the search box on facebook and join. My goal is that we meet, greet, and share info and thoughts before the start of class.
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    Hello! I'm applying to the ASN-BSN program as well. For those of you who have already been excepted did you have an interview before you were excepted? If so, how was it? They are still waiting for my NET results before they can make a decision. I hope I get in! Good luck everyone!

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