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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency... Read More

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    i applied as well. dying to hear but will be patient, as the deadline was 10/26... so i assume they have to wade thru the applicants before even contacting applicants... which im sure is alot of applicants!! im hoping by Nov 10th or so to hear... if anyone hears please let us know...
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    hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone else has applied for the new to practice program. i know the deadline for applying was october 26, 2012. Has anyone heard back? Does anyone know when the interviewing process starts?
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    hello and congratulations. Did you need 2 letters of recommendation from your previous employer or just a list of references? Also, is the pre-employment exam based on med math or is there a variety of questions? One more question: does being a current employee of temple health systems help at all??
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    Quote from morningdew
    I'm hoping for maternity/newborn nursery. Did you email the HR recruiter about where you were placed?
    Morningdew, just wondering if you ended up being placed in maternity/newborn nursery? How is everything going so far?
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    maternity/nursey is my dream unit, one can dream
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    Has anyone heard back from the recruiter?
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    no I haven't heard anything
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    Nope I still haven't heard anything
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    Did anyone hear anything yet?
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    No, still waiting.
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    no, still waiting also...
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    Hey! Coming from a New to Practice Nurse here are some things to anticipate once you are contacted from the Nurse Recruiter/HR: 1) An e-mail from HR requesting undergraduate transcripts/2 letters of recommendation/maybe one other thing (can't remember?) 2) A reply e-mail with links to two tests that are to be taken on your own time @ home (one is med/surg, one is pharm - both were fairly easy) 3) If you pass the tests (I'm assuming you need to in order to move forward) you will be sent an e-mail that you have been selected for a N2P interview & given the time/date 4) You reply to the e-mail with your preferences of 3 units you wish to be interviewed for/work on..and any questions you may have 5) Arrive at your interview with your RN license, CPR cert, and finally interview with a panel of nurses (hopefully from the floors you selected..usually depends on the number of open positions on the floors you chose) 6) WAIT A LOOOONG 2ish weeks & receive a Congratulations e-mail! From that point you may only know you have a job - but not the exact unit, shift or pay @ that time but at least you've been selected!! Just an FYI this hire group is supposed to start December/January..Temple hires new grads for all Med/Surg Units/ICUs/ED/OR depending on open positions in the hospital after all of the jobs have been posted internally (law by the union)..& most people found themselves on the floors they wished to be on! Orientation will be 1 full week of classroom and 12 weeks with a preceptor then you're alll on your own but continue with N2P classes, certifications, etc. for months to come Best of luck to everyone!
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    Thanks Angelnurse for the info. I'm just hoping I get a chance for an interview and hopefully the job.