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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency... Read More

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    I'm hoping for maternity/newborn nursery. Did you email the HR recruiter about where you were placed?

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    Yeah just to be sure. I wanted to give a solid "YES" but wouldn't until I knew I wasn't in maternity haha
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    Haha, well congratulations on being placed in your top choice!
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    Yeah, I think you have a really good shot at being placed where you want. From the people I have heard from in this group most people did.
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    Can anyone confirm if **********was your contact there? Thanks again for all of your help everyone. Trying to get my name out there for the next round.

    *******per site ToS do NOT post names of facility personnel *****
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    Boredom does crazy things to people iridium...crazy things
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    Does temple not hire new grads to any of their other positions? I'm hoping to not waste my time applying to all these other positions if i don't qualify as a new grad. Thanks
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    They seem to only hire out of their new to practice program.
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    Does anyone work in any of Temple's med surg units? If so what are the nurse to patient ratios? Is there an EMR, in house coverage at nights? Are there aides and lpns or is it primary nursing? Any info would be helpful. Does anyone know the pay rate for newer nurses (2 years experience)? I am considering relocating to PHilly and saw a couple of different med surg jobs posted at Temple's website.
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    Has anyone heard when Temple maybe opening up the New to Practice application process again?

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