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Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency exams after they are selected.... Read More

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    Could someone please provide a link to this program? I have tried Google and tried searching Temple's website but was unable to get any information pertaining to this program.


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    Hi everyone,

    I've been called for interview. Anyone else?
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    I signed up to take the tests on Tuesday, and plan to take them tomorrow/Saturday morning. I am hitting the books. Did you take them all together? Are these tests like NCLEX?


    Good luck everybody!
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    I took them one after the other. I would consider the questions to be NCLEX style. Good luck!
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    OK. I'll keep studying. When did you take the tests? And when do you have your interview?

    Good luck! You seem to be really ahead! Congratulations!
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    I took my tests yesterday. My interview is Monday so it's moving pretty quickly. But it makes sense because this cohort starts in August.
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    Thank you! I hope I'll be contacted, too.....
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    Congratulations to those who've been called to interview! Would you mind sharing what you did to get a call? I've been applying for listing that I qualify for, but no response. Thanks and good luck to you!
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    Did you apply specifically for the listing for New to Practice program?
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    No, I didn't even see it on their website.

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