Philadelphia Area "New" RN: 30 applications rejected : When will my dream come true?

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    Hi everyone

    30 applications now, and each one denied.
    2 of them, were actually for an entry level.. so once they were declined, i actually shed tears.

    ::sigh:: well im just here to vent. I am so exhausted with applications, i'm starting to feel I might as well give up for a few months.

    how are things for you new jersey grads? My paper work for obtaining my licenser in NJ is nearly complete. however, i wonder if its worth the $200.00 and other fees?
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    Don't give up. I am not a nurse, but I applied to numerous jobs (over 100) in the field of public health after I got my master degree. Besides a few interviews, I got nothing. I took an Americorp job, hated it, quit it. Now I am getting my CNA license and going to start from the bottom. I actually got a couple of job offers and the pay isn't too bad. So just keep trying. I was out of job for 6 months and you can't imagine the major depression I had to face every day. It will get better. Don't ever ever give up! Maybe you can volunteer somewhere, or take an internship/externship, work as an CNA, just don't sit around or you will forget the skills you learned at school. Good luck!
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    It's only been 30 resumes, be more aggressive and non-apologetic. 80% of jobs are not posted on ads (newspaper, online or any other methods). I suggest calling hospitals or other facilities, introduce yourself and ask if they're currently hiring or when are they going to hire. Best of luck.
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    Honestly it's only been 30 applications, only two of which were entry level. The month of July alone I applied for 30 positions, I only received one interview and I didn't get that position. I had been job hunting since March.

    The best advice I can give you is to apply anywhere and everywhere. Depending on where you live you are competing with a multitude of new grads and a handful of experienced nurses.
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    It took me awhile to get a job. I stopped keeping track of how many places I applied to - but I probably had over 200 applications out there before I finally got a job. It's an extremely tough and competitive job market, especially for new RNs in the large metropolitan areas. Keep trying anywhere and everywhere. Get more aggressive. It may take some time, but it will pay off if you are persistent.
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    I did the same thing.....RN in Pa and with no luck thought getting RN in NJ would be the answer and it was not.Jobs are just as hard to come by, I have applied to over 100 and nothing, I call and follow up, introduce my self, go in person and even stop people in the grocery store who are wearing scrubs and ask them where they work. I have people all over the place keeping their eyes and ears open for me and still nothing. I is very frustrating but I just keep plugging away in hopes that some thing will eventually come along and give me a chance. Getting my NJ RN ended up costing about 300 and it took about 2 months to process it. You can do it if you like but I am just telling you that it is not any different here. You might make yourself more marketable by investing that $$ into ACLS PALS NRP or some thing like that. good luck
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    I wish you the best of luck but know that you are not alone. My only fear is that if we dont gets jobs before the next years new graduates hit the market is that gonna put us behind them because they havent been out of school as long? I know this sounds crazy but the state I live in has 1700 new grads a year and from the talk I hear is that roughly less than half from last years class has jobs. Does that mean that eventually there will be so many new grads looking for jobs that some of us will never work as RN's? What is everyone elses thoughts?
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    I feel so bad for all of you new grad RN's who are seeking work. The job market is tough for everyone out there unless you're content with minimum wage retail and fast food positions.

    What m Aidez said is correct that 80% of jobs are not advertised. When my company closed we had a career change transition expert (aren't BS titles fun?) come in and that is exactly what he said. A lot of people I know who were blessed at finding employment got hired because they knew someone in the company.

    I'm personally about to call up the unemployment office and see if they're hiring. With how busy they've been for the past few years I'm sure they can take all the help they can get.
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    Try these sites,, and; apply online the call to c if they do paper applications and do the paper also.
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    Sometimes you need to apply outside the area in which you live. I work with several nurses who are commuting 1 to 1.5 hrs each way. There are several open positions at St. Luke's and LVH Systems in Bethlehem and Allentown and I know several new grads who have been successful. Don't think local(ish).

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