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Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone has attended Neumann's nursing program. If so, could you please tell me what to expect? I'm just anxious and nervous about finally starting their evening... Read More

  1. by   flower21
    You sound like your not a diverse person. You Don't want to work with any minorities.
  2. by   ixchel
    Quote from flower21
    Every company has to have a certain amount of minorities working.
    This is not actually true.

    A place (employer or school) may accept/hire as many minorities as they have apply with adequate qualifications. I live in an area where few black applicants choose the local university. There is another university not far from here that has a predominantly black population and faculty, and many people choose to go there. There is otherwise a significantly smaller percentage of black students and faculty at this school. It has absolutely nothing to do with the school being racist, and everything to do with the fact that so few black applicants apply. There was only one black young lady who graduated in my class, and there is only one black faculty member at my school.

    We also have no rounding, and not everyone who started with us, finished with us.
  3. by   Red Kryptonite
    Quote from flower21
    You sound like your not a diverse person. You Don't want to work with any minorities.
    Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha....... I know the law so I must be racist?

    Even if I didn't want to "work with any minorities" how would I achieve that in the modern workplace? It's not possible. As it is, I enjoy my co-workers of all kinds who range from lily white to dark as night, and from very traditional to total free spirits, and value their teamwork and conscientiousness much more than I care about their skin color, accent, or lifestyles.
  4. by   WookieeRN
    Quote from flower21
    Every company has to have a certain amount of minorities working.
    That statement is so categorically false, it isn't even funny. It's illegal in the US to hire according to race.
  5. by   flower21
    Girl BYE
  6. by   maddyfan4
    I applied to Neumann and was accepted I chose not to.go.because it was just too expensive for me. I have a friend that's in the program and she is on the deans list. Now she hasn't persay got into the nurses partime program yet. She is almost done with her prereqs. Then I guess she will start the nursing part. So far she has no complaints.
  7. by   flower21
    The pre courses are easy. That's just science classes. The nursing program is a different ball game. She will see.I know people that had 4.0 and failed out
  8. by   flower21
    Tell her to look at the graduation pictures
  9. by   maddyfan4
    Omg. I can only imagine. Why they make the prereqs so easy then the nursing part so they fail out on the clinicals?
  10. by   flower21
    Pre courses are just science classes all you have to do is memorize. Nursing is critical thinking. The problem with Neumann Nursing program is that they don't not help the students especially not the black students. The clinical part is hands on and the best part of the program they have great clinical professors. The professor that teach the class part are horrible they read word by word off the PowerPoints that's not teaching. They are not fair to the black students. It's the truth
  11. by   Red Kryptonite
    This obsession to see everything as racial conspiracy is not going to get you far in life. It might feel good as ego support, but it doesn't give you any credibility or skills. No one wants to work with that person.

    Also, bottom line, this attitude is the same one that caused the murder of two innocent NYPD officers last weekend. So you might want to reevaluate.

    Another tip, your double negatives make your sentences say the opposite of what you actually mean. Working on communication will help you do better in school.
  12. by   flower21
    I graduated from Neumann I have My BSN and I worked extremely hard to get it. BYE POLITICAL SCIENCE DEGREE. I hope you can last a semester at Neumann.
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  13. by   Red Kryptonite
    Racism + superiority complex = unattractive. FYI.

    PS you have a bachelor's degree yet use double negatives, which make you say the opposite of what you mean, all the time? I thought basic English was included in bachelor's degrees, but maybe I'm wrong about that. It has been almost 20 years since I got mine.