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Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone has attended Neumann's nursing program. If so, could you please tell me what to expect? I'm just anxious and nervous about finally starting their evening program in May. What I'm looking... Read More

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    I agree with Knights2014. Yes, I am still at neumann. I am in the evening program. It has its challenges but I am holding on. It is very intense but again it does prepare you very well for the NCLEX.

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    Once you finish all your regular prereqs and start the nursing classes are you put into sections like an actual program or do you choose them as regular classes at your own pace? It looks like there's about 10 or so total.
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    Neumann university is a scam and a races school. They will accept you easily and failed you easily also. The advisor will give u bad advice and give you extra classes you don't need so you can fail. They don't round and will fail you for a half a point. They Do not help you especially if you are black please black people do not go there you do not stand a chance they are races and will break you down. They just got a black professor and she's only part time the first and only black nursing teacher ever. They only let her lecture 3 chapters the entire semester. When you go there you will see the graduation pictures and it only about 30students and each of them. One black person and some pictures not all. Please dope not go there any one it doesn't Matter how smart you are. You will have to repeat classes then when your finally a senior you will fail and your science courses will expire and it will be to late. DON'T Go
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    Lack of black professors does not indicate racism. Neither does enforcing minimum passing standards.
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    To red kryptonite cna tonight can, if you ever get a chance to go to Neumann look at the graduation pictures. Far as there standards they would passed the white nursing students if they missed by a point and put them on probation I know that because five of my white friends were in that situation and went to the dean and she let them move on. I told my black friend about it because she failed a class by .4 and the dean wouldn't let her move on. I speak facts I'm a graduate of Neumann I'm not mad. I worked hard and it took me five years to get out. Every one that graduate in my class had a fail it was 35 of us and me another black person was the only blacks that made it. Every company has to have a certain amount of minorities working. Neumann only has one black professor that a problem.
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    TO answer your question. Far as Neumann standards the Dean would let the white students passed if they missed by a point and put them on probation. I know that's because five of my white friends was in that situation and the Dean passed them. I told my black Friend to talk to the dean because she failed by .4 she wouldn't passed her that's races if she did it for them she could have done it for her. I know facts I'm a graduate of Neumann or took me five years to graduate and only 35 of us graduated and we all repeated classes. There should be more professors of different races teaching not just one black teacher when you get a chance go to Neumann and look at the graduation pictures and do the math
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    Quote from flower21
    Every company has to have a certain amount of minorities working.
    According to whom?
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    According to the law. Your a cna right?
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    There is no such law. Racial quota laws are unconstitutional. I may be a CNA but I also have a bachelor's degree in political science.
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    You sound like your not a diverse person. You Don't want to work with any minorities.

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