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    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has any info on the Lehigh Valley GN internships. I'm going to St. Luke's School of nursing right now, and I dont graduate for a year, but I'm trying to make a plan of what i wanna do when i graduate. I really have my heart set on eventually working in a PICU... I love the ICU and I also love peds. So I would really like to get into the LVH Critical Care internship upon graduation. I am going to do my best to try to get ICU for my preceptorship and hopefully that will help. Anyone know how competitive the internships are? I will be graduating in August, so that may be good or bad. no one else in the area will graduate at that time, but its just 3 months after the other colleges graduate so maybe they wont be running the intern program at that time?

    Anyone with any info about these internships please share! I'm curious! thanks.

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    If you want to work for LVH, you should have applied for their scholarship which they offer in the sping for graduate to start in the summer. This is the main pool of people they take for the graduate slots. There are alot of nurses leaving LVH and the units to go back to school and go else where to get paid more money. They really want BSN nurses only to keep magnet status so you graduating from st. lukes may not cut it, you should try to get a job with st. lukes considering you are already there
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    thanks for the info.. yeah i am really hoping to get a job at st lukes, but was planning on applying to all the hospitals in the area.
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    Apply early: I applied for the residency after I graduated and was told too many people had already applied so they rejected my application. I hear it's a gorgeous hospital- very nice. Good luck!
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    What are the chances of being hired into the internship if I've been called back for a second interview with a unit director? Any help is VERY appreciated!! I would love to work at LVH. I currently have an offer in NJ for a different residency. The program starts before I will be interviewed again at LVH so I would hate to turn the NJ offer down, only to be rejected at LVH. Please help!!
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    Chances depend on how many applicants there are and what unit it is. If you have questions about different units, send me a PM. I worked there for 5 years and have many friends that still work there.
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    If I were you I'd apply as early as possible for the critical care internship at LVH. I applied about a year before I graduated. Some of my classmates applied in their last semester and were told it was full.
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    a friend of mine graduated from an associates program, did the intern, and was promised a job with passing of the boards, and is now happily working there as an RN, so dont worry about not having the BSN
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    Hi all!

    Has anyone interviewed for the GN internship at LVHN? I have a group interview scheduled and I'd like to hear about the process from people who have gone through it. What was the group interview format like? What kind of questions were asked?

    Also, if you've worked at Lehigh Valley as a graduate nurse, what are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
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    I didn't come here as a GN but as an RN I can tell you that the orientation process is EXCELLENT. It is a wonderful network, that truely cares about having competent nurses to provide the best care to their patients and orientation indeed prepares you to fit that role.


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