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Hello all, I wanted to start a thread for those of us who are starting at LaSalle's PT evening and weekend program this fall. I was accepted a few weeks ago, and I'm currently working on my... Read More

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    Hey Lostinthesauce! I got your message and thank you! I can't send you one in return or I would have replied
    No problem! Happy to help.
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    Hey all,

    Yes I got a formal letter. I know this is late but what about the Health clinic at LaSalle for the immunizations? I have had all of my immunizations through work (I work at a Hospital), but am shaking my head running around for the PPD, titers, etc... I did not get the "official" letter until the end of May and I don’t think they even finalized the database until the end of May. Now it is down to the deadline and I need the second PPD (sched. for next week) and am waiting for my CPR card in the mail. Are we penalized if we don’t have them? School starts in August so I am assuming that if we have everything done and are waiting for paperwork is it an issue.

    I will have it all latest by July 15, but goodness a month is not enough time. Oh Well.

    And goodness $200 bucks to miss a clinical!
    Just input the dates that you expect to have your second ppd done and read. Nicole Taylor told me to do this because I couldn't get the second one done before July 1st. She said if you write a note for her she won't accidentally mark you not compliant.
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    Would anyone be interested in an informal meetup this month or next? Since we'll be spending the next 2.5 years together, I think we should get to know each other. :-) I don't know about anyone else, but I've been thinking about classes more and more as the beginning of the semester gets closer. I think the key to our success will not only be how hard we study, but also the support system we have while on this journey. I would love to meet you all before orientation. Let me know - I'd be happy to organize.

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    That sounds like a good idea! I met with the coordinator today and got all the forms and what to do, so I am hoping I am accepted into the program! Just sucks that I need to all over again do the background checks, immunizations etc. I hope my titers have decided to stay the same. I look forward to seeing all of you!
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    Good luck with all of the compliance forms!
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    I am registered in cohort A - has anyone else checked to see which cohort they're in? Does this mean that I'll only take classes with people in cohort A?
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    Thanks! Now if I can only figure out how to enter the forms! I dont know what date I am to put in for them such as Child Abuse Clearance do I put in the date I sent it out and then when I get the forms. I hope Lasalle gets back to me cause I havent a clue what I am doing lol Especially since states i am still a prospective student even though I got my letter the other day. Got to love college
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    So you were formally accepted? Congrats! You should check to see if they've registered you for fall classes. Do you know how to do this from the MyLasalle Portal?

    Click: Br. Luwis --> Student Services and Financial Aid (tab at the top) --> Registration --> Student Schedule by Day and Time

    Maybe they just haven't updated your status, but it's possible that they've already registered you for classes.

    Also, for the Child Abuse Clearance, I think I recorded the date that is on the form, so you have to wait until you get it in the mail.
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    I am accepted to LaSalle but wont know until Tuesday if Achieve has officially taken me.

    And thanks for how to log. LaSalle has a lot more requirements than Drexel (which I think is a good thing but frustrating!!)
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    Crystal, I am in cohort B tues. And Thurs. Night. So does that mean cohort A meets Mon. And Wed.?
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    Nope! My classes are TR as well. I have NUR 304 on Tuesdays from 6:15 to 8:55, and NUR 307 on Thursdays at the same time. Is that what you're registered for?
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    I really hope to see you all Thursday when we supposedly get to order uniforms. here is hoping my navy pants will suffice and I wont need new ones and that I get good news on Tuesday lol
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    Quote from krd1984
    I really hope to see you all Thursday when we supposedly get to order uniforms. here is hoping my navy pants will suffice and I wont need new ones and that I get good news on Tuesday lol
    Wait. What? What happens in Thursday?!