Do you know of any facility in PA that hires without license? | allnurses

Do you know of any facility in PA that hires without license?

  1. 0 I am a newly graduated lpn preparing to take my boards, do you
    know of any facility in PA that hire without license?
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    unfortunately no... can barely get a job WITH a license!!
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    Simpson house & inglis house r 2 off the top of my head dat I no used 2 hire on temp license, not sure if dat I graduated I jus called diff places & asked 2 speak 2 D.O.N & I asked them
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    I started applying for jobs about 4 months before i graduated. Most places i applied to (both hospitals and long term care facilities) were very willing to hire me with out having taken the boards yet, as long as i had my temp to practice permit. Most places that are willing to hire w/o license will have stipulations that you must take and pass boards within 4-6 months of hire, if you take and fail then you may no longer keep your job. My first job after graduation was at a hospital and i had 6 months to take and pass boards. Hope this helps.
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    lehigh valley hospital in allentown, reading hospital in reading, ephrata hospital in ephrata (near lancaster). those are just the ones i know of off the top of my head.

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