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Hello, Is anyone else in the process of applying for CCAC for fall? Right now I'm waiting for the office to finish pulling up all of my transcripts and paperwork so that I can turn in my... Read More

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    Thanks. Sewnmom. I wasn't planning on buying used for anything that had online supplemental stuff. But there are several different ATI book groupings (ATI RN Review Modules, RNotes, etc) as well as the various categories, (Peds, Med/Surg, Pharmacology,etc.). I've found some deals on Amazon, etc. but I haven't got a clue if it's what we're supposed to be getting.
    I went to the bookstore yesterday. Nothing in and no useful information on the ATI books or the mystery "Kit", except to tell me that there are, yet, more books in the kit.

    I'm beginning to get a bit anxious. 5 texts, (one with two volumes) 2 lab books, 5 syllabus, 1 dictionary, two "Prep U" online whats-its and a video. Plus the ATI's and whatever books they've got in the kit. My god. That's a LOT of reading!

    BTW ~ I have a daughter at CCAC, too. Not in nursing, however. She's starting her second year in August. Thought you might like to know you have a peer (age-wise) just entering the program.
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    At south our kit contained every thing we needed for skills lab. So in first year it had catheter kits, IV tubing, and other skills we learned. It also had a BP cuff and a pen light. I really don't remember what all was in it but that's what it was used for. It was all in a nice blue tote bag. You have to buy one for second year as well.

    You must buy the ATI stuff from the campus bookstore like the previous poster said. There will be ATI stuff to purchase every semester.
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    Also I loved the ATI books. I did a lot of my reading from them. They were very straight forward and did not include a lot of filler "fluff" if you know what I mean.
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    30 days until orientation!!
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    Can someone please share the ISBNs for NUR110 & 120? Some of you mention a letter you received in the mail letting you know which books to buy. North Campus didn't do that. They told me to search e-central and I cannot get any of my classes to show up. I want to start buying, but have no idea what I need to buy! Please help Thanks
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    I think all if the campuses use different books. I will gladly give you the list from Boyce if you want. That's a shame you don't have the list yet we had ours by July 1st.
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    Thanks jme but if books are as much as I'm hearing I would be really mad if my $1,000 turned into $2,000 because I ended up buying two different sets of books. I'd like to play it safe and get the books the North Campus professors list. The secretary forwarded my email to my one professor, but I am yet to hear anything and I'm still completely in the dark about what books I need.
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    I attended the north campus for 2 semesters taking pre and core reqs and I like it but they are pretty unorganized. Good Luck!
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    Hi all, don't worry too much about the books. I'm starting my second year in August, and I barely cracked open my books the first year. I'm glad I have them, though, for when I needed them. Orientation should be soon, and you'll get the right list then. If you're still not sure what to buy, just set the money aside and wait until the first class so you know for sure. It's up to you, but it's really not a big deal. Take it easy! These are your last few weeks of freedom!
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    does any one on here know what books are needed for ccac allegheny nursing 130 and 140?

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