Anyone Starting At UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing?

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    This thread is for anyone who is trying to get into, currently at, or graduated from Shadyside School of Nursing in Pittsburgh!
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    I have just put in my application and will be taking the PSB entrance exam on the 29th. I'm applying for the Aug class, full-time.
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    Good luck to you, thats a great hospital based program. I am a St. Francis grad myself, and I am very glad I started my education at a hospital based school, you get a edge on clinicals. Have worked with many nurses from Shadyside, they were all awesome! Keep in touch.....GO Pirates
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    I am a second year at Shadyside. If you have any questions or want any info let me know!! Shadyside is an AWESOME school!!

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    Thanks Jenn, I'm a little nervous about the entrance exam. My grades are good and all, but I hear it's pretty tough!
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    Welcome to UPMC! I work for the Health Plan, but I did not go to the school.
    I am a Sewickley grad myself! Good luck!
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    :roll Hi,

    You will be fine. I took it after being out of school for 12 years and did fine. It was a lot of word problems, reading comprehension and basic sciences. Things like what does a carbohydrate do? Hopefully they have not changed it since I took it.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I have my last 2 finals for this semester tonight and then I am off until May 2nd. I am in the evening weekend program.

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    I will be taking the PSb exam at UPMC shadyside on the 29th..IM nervous what is this test like for anyone who has taken it
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    I took the PSB today. I didn't think the math, verbal, or reading was that bad, but the science :uhoh21:!! Thank goodness I've had A&P and nutrition otherwise I wouldn't have known a lot of those. Still, what was with the electricity questions?

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