Anyone know of a LPN program in or around Philadelphia, PA? Anyone know of a LPN program in or around Philadelphia, PA? | allnurses

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Anyone know of a LPN program in or around Philadelphia, PA?

  1. 1 I'm interested in going back to school for LPN, but when I try to find schools in or around the Philadelphia area I keep getting the same answers. Every once in a while I'll come across a new school, so I know some of the sites aren't showing EVERY LPN school. Does anyone know of any??? Please let me know...thanks...
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    hey Kerri. There is Center for Arts and technology in Coatesville, which i will be attending in September and there is also Eastern in Willow Grove. Where are you located?
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    Oh great, I'll have to check them out. I live in Northeast Philadelphia, but I won't mind traveling as long as it's a good school. Thanks so much for the help and good luck to you in school !
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    If you live in Northeast Philadelphia, try Prism Career Institute. They're located at 8040 Roosevelt Blvd, and their number is 215-331-4600. They have a 15 month full time day program and the cost is about $22,000; the next class will start in the spring of 2009. I know this because I just looked into their program Monday, 8/11/08 (a turn of events in my life that day nows affords me the opportunity to go to school full-time); I even took their assessment test (had to score at least a 20-scored a 26). The next step is to complete an application and take the TEAS test; this will cost about $135.00 ($50 for the app; $50 for the test; $35 for the study guide-this I might not have to pay, as I have a friend in their program right now & she may still have her study guide so that I can use hers.) Hope this little tidbit of info helps in your quest.
    P.S.--send me a private message if you'd like to know who I talked to at the school.
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    took me a while to find this:
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    hey kerri im in a LPN PROGRAM it in media pa thats not to far from springfield mall in delware county its a gd school u can call the name of the school is PENNSYLVANIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
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    I live in Northeast Phila area. I trying to find schools for LPN. Could i also attend schools that are in new jersey?
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    yes you can go to NJ and then take your nclex in PA and get a PA licence along with a NJ licence.I think it is PA,NJ and Delaware that you can apply for a licence.I go to a NJ school but we have plenty of PA people who are taking it in PA and then going to pay to have a licence in both states
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    Although when I 1st replied to this post (8/13/08), I was excited about PRISM, I've since learned of another school-Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in Media, PA (not too far from the Springfield Mall). Their program is shorter than PRISM's (12 months @ PIT vs 15 months @ PRISM) and is cheaper ($17,600 vs $22,000). They are fully accrediated and therefore eligible for all Title IV federal/state student loans, grants, and scholarships. Their program sounded better to me, and the admissions counselor seemed better informed than the one I spoke with @ PRISM.
    I took PIT's assessment test and passed; I took their entrance exam for the LPN program (it's the TEAS test-they test on english, math, science, and reading) on 9/13/08--I GOT WORD (via a phone call and a letter the same day) ON 9/17/08 THAT I PASSED!!!! I'll start class in January and begin my journey of becoming an LPN.
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    I attend CAT-B in Coatesville and love it, we have quite a few girls who commute from philly and don't mind the ride! Most importantly the program has a VERY high NCLEX pass rate!

    Good luck!
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    How far is that school from philly? i live farther north from the city. i am realizing from all my school searches i will most likely have to travel to school, and i am sorry what is the name of the school??? and thank you for the help
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    No problem! The school is called Center for arts and technology Brandywine campus. Its in Coatesville pa, the day program starts at 7am most days and I believe 8 am during some levels. Mapquest your address to coatesville pa to find out just how far. Any other questions let me know or PM me!
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    ErikaPa do u go to CAT? i am just wondering because iam also attending CAT. I just started in September. i am the newbie!