4/2011: PA NCLEX Pass Rates

  1. 0 choose your school carefully!

    pa nclex exam pass rates of prelicensure programs: rn programs pn programs updated link 4/16/11

    rn: nclex performance - rn

    average rn pass rate:
    pa / usa
    • 2003: 83.7% / 87.1%
    • 2004: 84.1% / 85.4%
    • 2005: 86.01% / 87.18%
    • 2006: 87.00% / 88.1%
    • 2007: 82.53% / 85.74%
    • 2008: 85.04% / 86.67%
    • 2009: 86.99% / 88.21%
    • 2010: 86.59% / 87.56%
    lpn: nclex performance - pn

    average lpn pass rate:
    pa / usa
    2003: 89.7% / 88.3%
    2004: 89.7% / 88.9%
    2005: 90.54% / 89.59%
    2006: 90.53% / 88.22%
    2007: 90.88% / 87.36%
    2008: 89.32% / 86.00%
    2009: 89.73% / 85.20%
    2010: 89.67% / 86.82%

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    Thanks, Karen!
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    How can I find the performance of pass/fail for LPN's?
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    Quote from lpnandlovingit

    How can I find the performance of pass/fail for LPN's?
    Finally located PN pass rate and added to website above.
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    Thanks for the info Karen, will pass it on to future Nursing Students. Do you know if there is such a site for CRNA boards?
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    Thank you for posting this. I'm thinking about going to Delaware County CC and their passing rate is pretty good!
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    ]Thanks for posting this! I go to Luzerne Community College and it shows a good number! Thankfully!!!!
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    Quote from nrskarenrn
    choose your school carefully!

    updated 11/18/05

    rn: nclex performance - rn

    [code] average rn pass rate:
    pa usa
    2003: 83.7 87.1
    2004: 84.1 85.4
    2005: 86.01 87.18[/code]

    lpn: nclex performance - pn

    [code] average lpn pass rate:
    pa usa
    2003: 89.7 88.3
    2004: 89.7 88.9
    2005: 90.54 89.59[/code]

    wtg pa nurses!:d :caduceus:
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    Just wanted to say that those links have been updated through September 2006.

    I'm feeling weird about this, because the school I plan to attend (CCP) dropped from 88% to 81% passing. Seems like a big drop, but comparing the raw numbers (#taking/passing) it doesn't seem like too big a difference. 104/127 vs 106/120.

    And rethinking my decision not to apply to Drexel because they are practically at 100%! (But I know I can't afford them)
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    I think it has to do with the student not the school. If you apply yourself, learn the material, and do the work, there should be no question of whether you will fail. All of the schools obviously have to go through a lot of certification, and answer to the state. They can't just do what they please.
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    wow, go LCCC! I was proud to be a graduate of there,but they're pass rate ROCKS!
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    I looked at the PA scores, and I am very surprised by which schools are doing well and which are not. Very surprised. The ratings are almost the exact opposite of what I expected.
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    I think the pass rates are both the student and the school. Some schools, like Drexel, have awesome pass rates (highest for 4 of the last 5 years), but require a HESI exit exam with a 87% pass rate to be able to sit for the NCLEX. I don't know what other schools requirements are, but it seems that the higher rates are likely to come with schools that have high HESI expectations. (I'm still content with starting Drexel in the Spring, but it's beginning to look like a degree factory!)

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