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Hello Everyone, Wanted to get this started for those who have applied to the program this year and want to get to know other applicants. I was accepted into the CCP nursing program for the 2012... Read More

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    Mine changed on my CCP last wednesday and I received my letter on monday. I think they mail them out on fridays. Congrats!!! I'm so excited!

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    Quote from mommyof3girls
    Hi!! Has anyone heard what the date in May is for orientation? I need to request to be off from work and it's driving me crazy!

    Ugh, I'm in the same boat!

    I'll post on here when I find out just in case I find out before you do.
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    May 8th is the orientation..I just received my welcome packet.
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    Quote from hailuong
    Does anyone study A&P I at night in summer but change your mind not to study? If so, please let me know cos I want to register for A&P I class at night but currently, there is no seat available for that course. Btw, I just checked my.ccp.edu and realized that my curriculum changed to Nursing. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the official acceptance letter from CCP since your curriculum changed?
    Keep checking to see if anyone drops. Also right before class is going to start the school tends to drop anyone who is not on financial aid or the payment plan for lack of payment. You will notice a few slots open up then.
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    Quote from winterchild
    May 8th is the orientation..I just received my welcome packet.
    I got mine too!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!! Now to hunt down my social security card.
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    If anyone wants to buy my stuff I have 2-medium polo shirts (never worn): $20 each and 1-medium jacket (worn 3x) $20

    I never wore the polo's because by the time clinicals rolled around my pregnant belly was too big to fit so I had to buy a plain white polo and wear the jacket over top so that no one could see it didn't have the ccp logo on it. I can drive the stuff to you. your gonna save almost $30.00 The polo's come to about $28 with the ccp discount and the jacket is $30 with the discount.
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    Thank you for your advice Cupid. I just got my welcome package today. See you guys on May 8
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    Have you guys done the FBI criminal background check yet? For FBI criminal background check, the school will access to the database of 3M Cogent to view our records right? The copy which we will receive through mail is an unofficial one right?
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    Hey folks!

    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday, but there was no mention of this $50 deposit that people have been talking about? Should I call the school or...?

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    Oh, and! @Cupidsqueen420: Since you enrolled last year as well, I had a question I wanted to ask. I apparently can't send PMs until I've posted about 15 things, so would you be able to get at me through email? My address is garrett.mckenna@gmail.com



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