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Hi folks, While doing a clinical in the ED this past weekend, we had an infant come in who, when stripped down to his birthday suit, was found to be wearing a thin "belt" of leather/string tied around his waist. I assume that... Read More

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    " The Indian culture has prescribed RITUALS AND RITES OF PASSAGE at various phases of an infant's development. When the child has lived for a full lunar phase (28 days), this is celebrated by tying a protective yantra or blessed charm (tali) around the child's waist with a string which may be changed to a gold chain after six months."

    This is a general Hindu/Vedic/Asian Indian thing. Not necessarily anything to do with their caste/class.

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    I am from India and a Hindu. Yes, the string is of large significant in our culture. Actually, when the umbilical cord is cut, a small part of the cord is put in a silver enclosure and tied with a thread around the waist. It is believed that the mother's umbilical cord gives protection to the baby.
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    Quote from Mimi2RN
    Hmong babies often have a string bracelet. Something to do with keeping the baby's soul attached to him.

    Anyone read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down"?
    Yes, I read this for a grad class. Interesting read.

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