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Those of you who work peds ER or peds respiratory floor. What is your opinion/practice standard for the youngest age to use the facemask with an MDI for albuterol delivery? Just curious because I've... Read More

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    There is a lot of research out there now not in support of nebulizers. We have switched to inhalers with spacers for all ages, masks for the little ones including infants. At the other facility I work at with pediatric vented patients we have switched from nebulizers there as well to inhalers being puffed through trachs and have seen no different in outcomes. I like it as I dont have to chase a screaming toddler around a hospital room anymore We just hold them down with the mask on until they take a breath. They will eventually and once they learn what's going to happen, its not very traumatic. For those that say nebulizers are the only thing that works for them, the results just don't show that in evidenced based practice, but sometimes I wonder if maybe its the humidity more than the medication that aids these patients??? :shrug:
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    The specialist that ordered the MDI with spacer & mask said that they even use MDI/spacer/mask in the NICU as soon as the kiddos are big enough for their smallest mask. Quicker treatment, less stress. The nebulizers are used for those with heavy secretions, need the extra humidification, not taking deep breaths due to congestion/restriction (i.e. status asthmaticus, CF exacerbation) which makes some sense.

    I will say that my patient's mother is thrilled that the doctor switched her boys to MDI/spacer as it is time saving, plus easily portable, no extra equipment to lug around.

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