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  1. BigHeartRNtoBe

    Peds NP's- come in!

    Wondering about your opinion on MDI's with spacers and masks. What is the youngest age patient you feel comfortable using these on? I've always used nebulizers for little ones and spacers for those about age 6 and up. My niece was just given an MDI/spacer/mask for albuterol at age 2.5. I'm wondering if it is just a regional difference as we are in the south and my sister lives in chicago. Thanks!
  2. BigHeartRNtoBe

    MDI with spacer/mask versus Nebulizer

    Those of you who work peds ER or peds respiratory floor. What is your opinion/practice standard for the youngest age to use the facemask with an MDI for albuterol delivery? Just curious because I've always used nebulizers on little ones and MDI's with spacers on age 6 and up. My niece at age 2.5 was just given an MDI with spacer and mask. I think she is too young. Wondering if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  3. BigHeartRNtoBe

    Tell me I'll get over needle fear

    Ok I am in the same boat as you. i am 20 and will be entering nursing school in the fall and I really want someone to answer this question b.c I feel the same way. Let me tell you my slight difference. I have always loved animals and wanted to be a vet so at 16 i started working for a kennel and after hard work and lots of poop they started to train me as a vet tech. I loved it but at first the blood got to me but I slowly was able to handle it. I passed out one time and got quesy a few other times but I could get through it. I was able to put in IV cathaders.. the hardest part for me, (surgery was a piece of cake) so now I am almost done with my pre-req for my B.S.N and have my interview for nursing school in the spring. However I want someone who is a nurse to tell me that they felt the same way and now they are nursing and it doesn't bother them at all! As the for the vet thing, i changed majors after failing chem 1 the first time and repeating it and getting a C. I just can't imagine getting a Bio degree, then going in to Vet school. i decided to just love animals on the side. Besides sometimes working in that environment can make you lose appreciation for it! sorry so long...help me PLEASE!!