I violated the Prime Directive!!!

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    So everyone knows (or should know) the Prime Directive of pediatric nursing.

    NEVER leave little boys uncovered whilst changing a diaper.

    Yes, my clothes are soaked, I had to strip and change my patient and his bed at 4am, and he's now wide awake and ready for action.

    I will never violate the Prime Directive again......I will never violate the Prime Directive again.....I will never violate the Prime Directive again.....
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    He must really like you. He was marking his territory letting all the other boys know that you are HIS nurse.
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    Little girls will do the same, only the nurse doesn't get wet.

    I once had a little man who was on cytotoxics totally soak me from the waist to the knees. He was sitting on my lap in a rocking chair and was bagged for a specimen inside his diaper. Well, the seal between the skin and bag let go. I didn't realise that we were wet until I stood to put him back to bed and suddenly felt cold...
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    Quote from janfrn
    Little girls will do the same, only the nurse doesn't get wet.
    Oh sometimes they DO get wet.
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    Well, my little home care guy is now concentrating on the distance events!
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    Happened to me on Sunday night! I went to do 0400 VS on my little friend and noted he had a big, heavy diaper. As soon as he felt the diaper come off he got me, himself, and his crib really good. Those little boys are big trouble
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    They love to do it when you're weighing them (naked) too. I've had boys and girls do that.

    In the Rugrats movie, the babies are able to create a rainbow with their collective stream of pee. This thread made me think of that.
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