Help i need patient education handouts

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    I worked at a hospital with Krames on Demand which I loved, I worked at a hospital with our own patient educator just call her up and she does the teaching and brings the handouts. I am big on educating my patients so they don't end up here again. I work on a pediatric floor and the hospital that i work at has no patient education access anywhere. I am forced to go online to find anything and most of the information goes over the parents' head. does anyone know a free patient education website to print out handouts.

    Pedi RN

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  3. 0 has alot of informations that maybe of help to you.
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    try here for information about procedures
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    is it general medsurg peds or a peds specialty?
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    yeah is a great website. it has a lot of info .
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    If what you are looking for is not on MedlinePlus, try the Emily Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

    Good luck.

    - Fran.
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    The last few places I have worked have had the Carenotes system. As a rehab RNwe had to do a lot of pt/family ed. Now I work on a diabetes/dialysis unit. They have good information on procedures, different dialgnostic groupings, medications and "how to's".
    Use the medlinepluss also.
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    You might want to be careful giving out information from the internet. For example this is noted at the bottom of some of the articles on Medline Plus:

    "Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited."

    Read through this, also:
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    Try the Society of Pediatric Nurses

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