Work shoes! Please help

  1. I am working as a PCT and bought some Allegria shoes. They are somewhat comfy legs and feet are numb by the end of a shift. I got these based on suggestions by nurses but am now realizing that I do more walking and lifting then they do. Any suggestions. I am happy to sell these on ebay and try something else. Just not sure WHAT to try! Thanks.
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  3. by   mamaofamonkey
    I work as a PCA, most of the time doing 12hr shifts. Very rarely do I get to sit. I had the same problem although I bought a pair of Nike that were supposed to be good for long days on the feet. I also bought a pair of Saucony from Sports Authority for my everyday stuff. Turns out I don't wear anything but my Saucony to work! They're mesh (which I'm squeemish about at work) but it helps my feet to breathe and they feel great! Now if only I could find something like that for my back and my hip! (Aging sucks! hahahah) Depending on how you stand and walk will determine which shoes are right for you. I will say it makes ALL the difference! To me at least. Good luck in your search!
  4. by   veroniicaxoxo
    I wear crocs on my 12 hour night shift on a very busy PCU floor. I first bought nurse mates to wear but after about 4 weeks they killed me so much that i switched to the crocs. And I'm very happy with them!
  5. by   BetterThanFiction
    I love my Landau's! Feels like I'm walking on air...or as close to it as I can get after 12 hours of walking, lifting, trotting, tripping, and, eventually, limping. I tried Nikes and New Balance but the Landau's feel so much better!
  6. by   MarkG
    Yes, we spend a lot more time on our feet then the nurses do. I use New Balance and get the Dr. Scholl's gel inserts and it seems to work quite well for me.
  7. by   choclablover
    I have tried every kind of tennis shoe and crocs. I do like crocs and will sometimes wear them on a night shift when I know I am not going to be running around as much. For a regular day when I know I am going to be on my feet constantly, I have to wear my Dansko's. My feet will sometimes still ache at the end of the shift, but not as bad as with tennis shoes. Also, with the Dansko shoes, my back and legs never ever hurt me.
  8. by   kdtink
    I currently wear my Saucony tennis shoes with some arch supports I bought at Walgreens. The shoes, coupled with some compression socks, have made a huge difference. But I am not happy about the fact they are mesh, so I have been looking into some Dansko clogs lately. I'm just not sure I want to make that jump yet. Either way, the compression socks make a big difference for me. I find they keep my feet from hurting as bad when I wear them to work. (I get terrible foot cramps at night if I don't wear them)
  9. by   duskyjewel
    I wear Nurse Mates Dove shoes, and love them. They are flat and simple, no fancy, wobbly heels. Even though they are very simple, I have found they have a good sole design that offers enough support for a 12 hour shift. I used to work on a tele floor and I often ran for the entire 12 hours solid, and usually my feet would be tired but not painful. I have to get a wide in them even though I don't wear wide in any other brand. I also pair them with compression socks and that makes a huge difference. Also, the Doves are not super expensive. Maybe RNs can afford $160 shoes, but this lowly aide cannot! :-)

    Word of warning.... the patent ones crack REALLY easily, which is why they are so cheap on Amazon. If you don't care and want to save a ton of money, go ahead and get them. But I think the plain flat black ones are the best.
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  10. by   jedi_amy
    I'm a fan of the hiking-type tennis shoes or slip on clogs, such as Merrell brand. I found a pair of Merrell Primo clogs that are so comfortable they feel like they were made for my feet. No break-in time, and 2 years later they're still comfy. Merrell Hiking Boots, Shoes, Sandals, & Clothing - Official Merrell Site
  11. by   donovasu
    At the end of a 12 hour shift, my feet and legs hurt. I got a pair of orthotics and bought a pair of Z-coils. I know, I know, people say they are not safe, etc, but you can get them with a closed heel now. Now I can go 12 hours and while my feet are tired, they are not so sore I can't stand or sleep when I get home. I also change my shoes every other day, so I am not wearing the same pair every day. If you can, go see a podiatrist, just to make sure you don't have any medical issues which could affect what kind of shoe you need. The money is worth every night I can still go for a walk with my honey.
  12. by   vintagemother
    I like Nike and Adidas cross trainers or running shoes for my work as a CNA. I wear good ones that support my feet well, like the same ones I would use to run a few miles outside. I've recently purchased the dansko XP Pro with metatarsal support. If your danskos fit right, it should feel like you're not wearing shoes, they are not constrictive at all, kind of like crocs. Today's is only my 2nd shift in danskos, so that's all I can say about them.
  13. by   boogalina
    Both Dansko clogs and Nurse Mates (plain black leather) are good. Tried tennis shoes but I prefer solid leather between me and the "other stuff."
  14. by   NPOaftermidnight
    I have knee/hip issues and my Dansko's are the only shoes I can wear for a 12 hour shift and still be able to walk the next morning. I have no complaints of stiffness or sore joints/feet since I got them. The first couple shifts they were uncomfortable but once they break in they're fantastic. They're definitely worth the investment!