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hello everyone :) I had an interview for a pct position with davita, not sure how well I did because one (of the four) interview-ee's seemed to focus on the fact that I have no dialysis experience. I passed the phone... Read More

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    Congrats!!! to all of you.... I just had my phone interview today with DaVita. The interview said they will move me on to the next step, the face to face interview, I hope it will be soon.:spin:
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    Well Congrats on landing a job with DaVita. I have worked in Dialysis for over 6 years now and I have to admit after the first few years it gets old quick! However, I think its a great way for someone to get their foot in the door to some experience! Because we all know how hard it is to get a job with out that crucial factor right!? The training is not hard at all, maybe a little stressful at times because they expect you to pick things up quick but its definatly not hard. You will deal with all kinds of patients and learn to work with multi tasking, teamwork, and with nurses! I hope you do well but I am currently looking to get out! The badside of dialysis is, upto 16hour shifts is a normal day, you never get off your feet, the stress really gets to you sometimes during turnover, and some teammates are just not helpful as a team. Get your RN so you can move up the ladder where its much nicer!

    DaVita is the best dialysis company you could work for though, I hated FMC!
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    I will be finishing up my CNA class in mid February and am thinking of applying to either an Assisted Living facility or a dialysis treatment center such as DaVita. Can you tell me how much they pay? What are the hours like, part time techs and full time?

    Thanks and congrats to the OP for getting the job!!
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    Quote from carshell
    I will be finishing up my CNA class in mid February and am thinking of applying to either an Assisted Living facility or a dialysis treatment center such as DaVita. Can you tell me how much they pay? What are the hours like, part time techs and full time?

    Thanks and congrats to the OP for getting the job!!

    Part Time techs are not really wanted as far as i can tell. As a full time tech working at a clinic with 3 shifts, usually works from 5am to 9pm. Give or take a few hours in the evening, you go home when the patient load goes down basically. 2 Shifts would be the best deal. 2 shift days are only about 11 or 13 hour shifts. Those 16 hour days get really long on anybody i don't care who you are. On your feet working with only 2 30 minute breaks is TOUGH! Expect to have 4 patients assigned to you on each shift. The reasons why i dont like this job much anymore is because you dont know when you are leaving. Its basically how many patients come in or go or who opened or what have you. My gf gets upset that i leave before 5 in the morning, and get home at 10 at night. So its hard if you have a family. I started out making 10.50 an hour at FMC but that was 6 years ago. Currently i make around 16/hour but thats with a lot of experience and good references. Do what will fit your lifestyle the most. If you use this experience for a stepping stone i think it will open your eyes a little bit to the healthcare world.
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    hey, just checking in to say how my training is going. I just finished my 3rd week. Didn't get to start until january because of an issue with the 3rd party background check people. (they tried getting my h.s. Transcripts during xmas break among other things.)

    anyway, I am loving the training so far. My preceptor has been a tech for over ten years (i believe he may be an lvn but can t remember atm) he is very very patient when I ask questions, but doesn't just give me the answer either, which I think is a good thing, enforcing logical thinking etc.

    I work 4 twelves a week, starting at 3 am and ending between 3 pm to 430 pm if we are short staffed.

    so far I've learned:

    setting up the machine (this was so confusing to me lol)
    priming, test, recirc, test condutivity etc, diasafe test every wk, acid rinse etc etc etc
    taking vitals (this I already knew but whatever I love the auto bp cuff!!!!!!!!!)
    putting pt info in the comp
    take down machine
    dialysis information in general
    programming the machine

    going to start my module on accesses next wk (wk 4)

    I would say the training could be easy for some people but also very hard for others. But you get so much repition it should just come to you.

    personally I learned by reading info, not by hearing it or seeing it done so without a manual for the set ups I was confused for about a week.

    there is so much info coming at you from all directions but it's also so interesting.

    I love the patients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also the training is also paid, and I have already accumlated pto, and can get benefits in april. So that's really great for me!!!

    the hours are long for some of the techs (4 am to closing, 5 days in a row cause we are short staffed) but hey, a job is a job and you get tired, but you are helping people so be glad you have a meaningful job. Haven't had to work 5 days in a row but probably some day lol.
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    Hi Guys,
    Are you guys located in Florida? I'm thinking there in the summer I'm a PCT with phlebotomy and EKG certification, I was thinking of getting certified as a hemodialysis tech....
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    Getting certified as a hemo diaylsis tech is not hard.. just apply im sure they would hire you. They hire people who have no medical experience all the time, more so FMC than DaVita. But still, it paid off for me when i was hired 6 years ago. Now im attending RN school and never looked back

    Apply, they'll train you, certify you, and you're good to go!
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    no i'm not located in florida, but i'm sure the only difference being a tech for you would be whether or not you could or could not draw up certain meds, and start catheter patients.

    if you already have phlebotomy, i'm sure they'd hire you. i have no exp sticking picking at all, and tomorrow will be my first day, haha.

    most of the new hires i've met were previous phlebotomists, ekg techs, or crosstrained from reuse.

    good luck!!
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    Hi Cookieomonster84,
    Are you located in NY for Davita?
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    nope i'm not in NY i'm sorry.

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