New PCT in the ER

  1. I've recently snagged a job at a local teaching hospital to work as a PCT in the Emergency Department. My past jobs have included working as a radiology assistant in a very small hospital and the Army. As I have not yet received my booklet telling me what is in my scope of duties, what can I expect? I was pretty surprised to even get an interview as I don't have a ton of experience! I'm starting nursing school later this year which is why I thought this job would be a great way to get my feet wet... I just hope I'm not in over my head!
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  3. by   shay&lynn
    congrats on the new position!

    i just got a job as a nursing assistant at a hospital on the orthopedics floor. i am STOKED!
  4. by   Bobmo88
    Each ER is different but vital signs, transporting patients, maybe doing splints, helping with chest compressions during codes, helping hold down combative patients that need to be restrained are likely, helping hold down kids for procedures like suturing, lumbar puncture, IVs, blood draws etc. Phlebotomy certification was the main requirement for my ER Tech job so I draw blood and was taught how to do 12 lead EKGs on the job. Our ER uses a Tech as a secretary so I will do that as well. I hope all goes well and let us know what your duties are when you find out! Good luck!
  5. by   Ashleym9831
    Yeah the supervisor mentioned that sometimes the tech's will cross train, which is fine as I've done that before. I don't actually start orientation until the 16th of July so I still have no clue, lol. I like to be prepared for any situation and since this is uncharted territory for me, I'm freaking out a bit. Bob, when a patient comes in, what is the first thing you do? Do you know automatically what your job is or do you have to be told?
  6. by   Bobmo88
    A lot of the time I already know what I need to do. For example, depending on the patient, I will be ready to do an EKG if the chief complaint is shortness of breath/chest pain/dizzy/syncope/altered/elevated potassium. Another example is if a patient is having Supraventricular Tachycardia, I will need to do at least 2 EKGs; an initial one and one after the rhythm is converted so I will usually leave the stickers on. It is all just a matter of experience. Even if you're not completely sure about all of your responsibilities, the nurses will definitely let you know what needs to be done.
  7. by   mom2boyz
    I work as a PCT in ICU but have been pulled to ER a few times. At our ER the techs job is to function as unit secretary by ordering all the labs that the ER Doc orders for the patient, answer phones, clean (spray everything down and wipe and put a clean sheet on the bed) and restock the rooms when the patient leaves and transport the patient if they are admitted. If you are caught up on orders, you may be asked to assist the nurses with procedures. That pretty much keeps you very busy. The RNS just hook them up to the monitors for vital signs, etc when they go in to assess them. You will learn a lot working in ER!
  8. by   livelifeloveRN
    PCTs in my ER may also be asked to be a safety attendant for a patient on 5150