Is it appropriate to tell a job interviewer what days you can't work?

  1. 0 So if I'm in nursing school currently and am interviewing for a night-shift clinical assistant (CA) position, would it be okay to tell the interviewer that I can't do Mondays and Tuesdays because those are the days I have evening classes for nursing school?

    All I know from the job posting is that it's a full-time night shift job (12h).

    So I presume it would be 3 days a week, from 7pm to 7am. Is one allowed to let the interviewer know one's availability? Or are you supposed to say that you're open for any hours, and once you actually GET hired, you tell them that you can't do Mondays and Tuesdays?
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    No you would want to tell them in the interview what nights you can and can not work.
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    I would let them know before you get hired. I know some NAs who work the same schedule every week (every Fri and Sat night) but other rotate their shifts (one week it's Mon/Wed/Fri and the next week it's Sun/Tues/Thur). The facility should know your availability.
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    I say it's best to work on a PRN basis. I work weekends, holidays, and a ton during the summer
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    I would just tell them. If they can work with that they will hire you, if not then they will not. What if they hire you and then you tell them that you can't work it and they can not work it out?
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    I know most will work with you if you are in Nursing School.
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    I would ask about scheduling and state that "I am in school and my schedule may change each semester. Will I be able to schedule shifts/have shifts scheduled for me around school?"
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    Totally be very honest!

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