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Every Sunday when we serve we have to wear all white with the nurses' cap. Everyone on the nurses ministry hate wearing the hat for obvious reasons( falls off, gets dirty, ugly). I liked the hate during pinning but now I despise... Read More

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    TNbutterfly, You rock!!! that is all....
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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    TNbutterfly, You rock!!! that is all....
    Well thank you!

    How are things going?

    I thought about you last night when my Health and Wellness Committee was helping with a ministry activity at church last night. I could just picture me telling them they all had to wear caps. HAHAHA
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    Well, I emailed her and gave her the information. At our next nurses' meeting I will be bringing up the topics again of the hat, giving OTC meds ( which is not allowed per MBON) and changing the name.
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    Good for you!!
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    Hmmm, well I could see the use of a hat. When service was in session everyone would know where to find you. But I am sure just wearing different color scrubs would suffice. Not sure if you're catholic but maybe wearing a St. Agatha (patron saint of nurses) would suffice? All those wearing the pin must be RNs. The hat is terribly old fashioned, honestly I would have trouble taking you seriously wearing that thing. Which may be something to bring up at the meeting. That's like a doctor wearing one of those headbands with the mirrors (Otolaryngologist's Mirror) there's no way I could have a serious conversation with him/her until he took it off....
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    So what do you do when the BON says wearing hats are not allowed if you are not a RN and LPN but the lead nurse continues to purse this?
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    Non-nurses giving meds and wearing nursing caps could cause serious legal problems for the church. If the lead nurse doesn't want to change things, perhaps the head pastor will. I doubt they want to see church members end up in the news for impersonating nurses.
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    Hope you have Good Samaritan law in your state.
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    Seriously whacked! Where would you even get one? Nursing antique store?
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    This is absurd. Most hospitals don't even allow nursing caps because they're just plain unsanitary. I think there are serious liability issues at stake here so I'd think twice before blowing my nursing license here.

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