Would PACU be suitable for me? - page 2

I'm considering leaving my neuro trauma ICU for something less stressful on my body. Not knowing all that much about the PACU side of nursing or any PACU nurses, I'm wondering if PACU would be an option. They are looking for PACU... Read More

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    Quote from hhamilton12
    I'm a student going through my ADN program for nursing next year. When i graduate what better to work in, sicu or pacu for years experience to apply for CRNA?
    According to posts I've read in this forum, the general consensus appears to be ICU if it's your plan to go to CRNA school. There are, however, some nurses who claim to have been accepted as student CRNAs with only PACU backgrounds. I'd say contact some of the schools and hear what they say.

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