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Hi, We're trying to improve our flow of patients through PACU -apparently the average case is in and out of PACU in one hour -don't quite know how they compute this,keeping in mind the mixture of... Read More

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    Quote from All4Seasons

    As an aside,
    When you say staffed 24/7, I take it you are staffed every night (2300-0700) and not on call as we are during that time? If so,are these cases emergencies only and very long day cases, or do they do elective surgery through the night too?!

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, we are staffed 24/7. At night we staff with 2 RNs and two techs. No first call, only back up call if there are too many cases coming out for the two RNs to handle. These are long cases, elective cases, and trauma. Our OR is staffed 24/7 as well.

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    We have had similar issues along these lines in the past. Policy here is that when a patient is ready to go, they can't refuse report on grounds of shift change. BUT at some point we did the same and gave the floor a few courtesies they took advantage of. As our hospital got recently absorbed by a major network, the throughput of OR is being heavily scrutinized and the floors are starting to position someone to take report even in cases where the receiving nurse may be tied up. This at lease moderately helps us get over bottlenecks involving communication.

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