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nurse to patient ratio orthopaedic floor? - page 4

Hey there! I work for a Texas post total knee and joint surgical unit. 6years ago the nurse to patient ratio was 1:4 on nights(no cna, no secretary). 1:4 on days with a nurse aid. However, one... Read More

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    we have 4-5:1 1-2 aides and sec. night many 5:1 with one aide and a sec. Charge nurse on days usually has not pts, nights may have up to 3. Off service pt that are higher acuity are the hardest.
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    1:4-5 with 3 aides on days, 1:5-6 with 2 aides on nights. But when they pull a nurse from us to cover ER overflow during high census, day and night end up with 1:6.
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    SWFL: 5:1 days (8:1 for aides), 6:1 nights (11:1 for aides), charge typically does NOT have an assignment, but days is starting to have 1 patient and nights may have a full assignment, unit clerk from 7a-11p; often 10-15 postops M-F; IMO, ortho is staffed better because it's a $$$ maker for the facilities (and the orthopedic surgeons usually do NOT stand for lackluster staffing)
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    My hospital is 5:1 RN. Aides can sometimes get up to 15, but I've seen only one CNA to 30 before. Day & night shift the same. I work in California
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    My unit is 4.1 for RN and 25.1 For PCT on mother/baby unit.