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Hey there! I work for a Texas post total knee and joint surgical unit. 6years ago the nurse to patient ratio was 1:4 on nights(no cna, no secretary). 1:4 on days with a nurse aid. However, one year ago a new CNO came on... Read More

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    5-6 pts per nurse.
    no cnas.
    no techs.
    no lvns.
    1 charge.
    1huc during days.
    no huc during nights.

    it's HARD work ALL the damn time.
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    Our Ortho floor RN's regularly carry 6:1/ 7:1 at all times going up to 8 patients at times while waiting for discharges. I work weekends where staffing is usually worse plus we discharge a lot & begin getting medical overflow admits. I'm very comfortable carrying 6 patients but something about the 7th brings chaos. Our poor techs carry 9-12 patients. This is very hard on the techs & we have a lot of unsatisfied patients due to the time it takes us to get from one room to another. It usually takes no less than 15 minutes to get a patient up safely to ambulate to the bathroom.
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    Our ward takes trauma and elective lists, we have 4 bays of 6 and 3 side rooms.
    During the day we have 3 RN's and 2-4 healthcare assistants.
    Nights we have 2 RN's and 1 Healthcare.
    Makes things fun sometimes with sickness
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    I work nights and our ratio is usually 6-8 on weekdays and sometimes 9 on weekend nights (my unit gets many ER admissions on the weekends because the census is usually lower than other units). We also have 3 techs and 3-4 nurses on weekdays and 2-3 nurses on the weekends (1 tech though on weekend nights). One thing my units been doing lately is having 4 nurses 1900-2300 with each having 6 patients and then 2300-0730 we have 3 nurses with 8 patients. Which isn't too bad because the extra nurse was there for the 2100 meds and 1st set of neurochecks, which I believe to be the busiest part of the night.
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    We usually have 1:5, but frequently it's 1:6 at night with no aids. You learn to work as a team. Time management is key too. I try to get everyone to the bathroom around the same time whether they have to or not, that way I can find time to sit down and do my charting.