Dressing changes????

  1. What kind of dressing changes is everyone doing on their knees and hips? Does the MD do the first dressing change? Just curious. We have a couple docs putting wound vacs over stapled incisions is anyone else seeing this?
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  3. by   rntg
    Most of our docs are using Acticoat or Mepilex silver dressings. Applied in the OR, they are not removed for at least 7 days, or at their first postop visit, unless they have excess drainage.
  4. by   LouBean
    Aquacel Ag surgical dressing. MD is the only one to touch, but part of the ortho post-op order set is to reinforce with abd/tape if needed. If necessary, doc will change it on rounds during hospital stay. Otherwise, patient is sent home with an additional dressing. Follow up with postop appt.

    We don't use wound vacs for knees/hips, although it is my understanding that it can be done. I question if the cost of speed-healing an incision with the wound vac is really worth it, but, Lord knows surgeons love their toys.