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  1. This is such a worthy conversation. I'm enjoying reading the lively responses almost as much as I'm enjoying this glass of wine. As I research PMHNP programs and their curricula, I find myself emitting loud sighs at an alarming rate. As previously mentioned in this thread (and many other NP threads on this site), what I'm looking for is an education that emphasizes complex patho and pharm on the level that I will need as a provider who will need to collaborate with MD/DOs. Rarely do the "other" courses seem like they merit a full 3 credit hours. However, my disappointment with nursing "academia" began in my BSN education -- and I do believe some of the downfalls of conventional undergraduate nursing inform these NP programs in a significant way. Despite my BSN program's reputation in the area, I found some of the teaching and coursework to be subpar in comparison with what I had initially expected. I can forgive a few sloppy power points. I have a harder time forgiving the droning on about nursing being a superior holistic and noble profession yadda yadda care plans yadda theory yadda yadda. (I have my own vague suspicions about some of this being rooted in the gendered history of nursing, but that is for another thread and another glass of wine.) Excuse the rambling of a tipsy RN in the corner and carry on with the discussion. *waves hands*