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Hey everybody! I'm a mixed discipline ICU nurse at a level two trauma center in Los Angeles California, I completed a critical care residency and as of now have ten months to my belt. As of... Read More

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    Figured I'd try to start this thread back up !! I'm planning on moving to Portland in the fall and am curious how the job prospect is now?? I have 2 years experience on a progressive care/respiratory unit...patient population consisting of your typical step-downs and ventilator dependent patients. I'm ready to start looking for a job...any suggestions on where to start ? Also, how are salaries up there? Florida nursing pay is a joke !
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    Vibra hospital in Portland is probably the best place to look if you are an LPN... If you are a 2 year RN try Kaiser your work there would be more clinic based than step down based if you have your 4 year degree I think you have free reign to apply anywhere of coarse there is always home health which pays the least... @ Kaiser and LPN with 5 years experience can make 23- per hour..at vibra I would imagine it to be low 20's per hour home health only pays 18-20 per hour..and its boring as hell Legacy is good too their RN's work 3 twelves and they love it there!!

    hope that helps... average rent in the greater SW/SE Portland for a 2 bed 1 bath is as low as 650 a month to 900 a month.. the bus system is really good here and the quality of life is far better than Washington State and Cali..

    hope all this helps
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    For an RN with 2 years experience, the hopspitals are hirring, now if you are new grad that is another story
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    Quote from TristanT
    "BSN grads are the only new nurses who don't talk about money..." --uh, what is there to say? Pay is based on seniority: Period. And P.S. you get FIRED for talking about salaries in professional corporate America.
    *** Quick question. Do those professionals in corporate America who get fired for talking about salaries punch time clocks like factory workers and nurses?