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Hey everybody! I'm a mixed discipline ICU nurse at a level two trauma center in Los Angeles California, I completed a critical care residency and as of now have ten months to my belt. As of August, I will have a complete... Read More

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** I work at a Magnet hospital (whoop-ti-do) and at the time we got the certification we had 27 RN openings (out of 54 FTEs) in out ICU. Half to two thirds of all the nurses on each shift where travelers. I don't think a fully staffed ICU is a requirement for Magnet.
    Based only on my own personal experience I would be more inclined to work at a non Magnet hospital.
    You are correct, full staffing is not a requirement. The requirement is "adequate staffing".... There are plenty of non-Magnet hospitals to choose from if you are looking to leave your position.

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    Well, it sounds like everyone is pretty fired up..... I am certainly happy for you Soonyluv, and all the other people who have jobs. No grudge for you coming from LA. I hate the traffic there! I've been reading all the posts about BSN/ADN and getting a job. Just to let ya know, I'm a ADN graduate, I rocked nursing school and I mistakenly applied for the Salem New Grad position not reading the BSN requirement. I got an email back in less than an hour saying I didn't meet the minimum requirement.... and I was bummed out all day. But I'll keep looking!!! Eventually I get hired somewhere!!
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    Figured I'd try to start this thread back up !! I'm planning on moving to Portland in the fall and am curious how the job prospect is now?? I have 2 years experience on a progressive care/respiratory unit...patient population consisting of your typical step-downs and ventilator dependent patients. I'm ready to start looking for a job...any suggestions on where to start ? Also, how are salaries up there? Florida nursing pay is a joke !
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    Vibra hospital in Portland is probably the best place to look if you are an LPN... If you are a 2 year RN try Kaiser your work there would be more clinic based than step down based if you have your 4 year degree I think you have free reign to apply anywhere of coarse there is always home health which pays the least... @ Kaiser and LPN with 5 years experience can make 23- per hour..at vibra I would imagine it to be low 20's per hour home health only pays 18-20 per hour..and its boring as hell Legacy is good too their RN's work 3 twelves and they love it there!!

    hope that helps... average rent in the greater SW/SE Portland for a 2 bed 1 bath is as low as 650 a month to 900 a month.. the bus system is really good here and the quality of life is far better than Washington State and Cali..

    hope all this helps
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    For an RN with 2 years experience, the hopspitals are hirring, now if you are new grad that is another story
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    Quote from TristanT
    "BSN grads are the only new nurses who don't talk about money..." --uh, what is there to say? Pay is based on seniority: Period. And P.S. you get FIRED for talking about salaries in professional corporate America.
    *** Quick question. Do those professionals in corporate America who get fired for talking about salaries punch time clocks like factory workers and nurses?

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