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Currently I am nursing myself a masters degree in PMHNP (mental health NP) and looking to relocate. I already live in a city who slogan is "come on vacation and leave on probation", so I am thinking... Read More

  1. by   MandieeRN
    Portland is a great place to be a nurse! It may take you awhile to find a great job but the pay is good In the NW
  2. by   MallysMama
    Quote from blondebabe0625
    It's gorgeous. Everything I work I feel a huge sense of bliss. Do you have your license/certificates endorsed to Oregon yet? It takes about a month with the OSBN... I also work for an agency, "staffing partners" that has hospital shifts and pays really well, CNA making 18/hr and I can't complain. I get a ton of overtime hours as well.
    That's great to hear that you like working there!! I've applied to transfer my license- but waiting on the fingerprinting packet. So I don't anticipate being able to get a job very quickly! (Unless they're willing to hire me with my OR license pending.)
  3. by   matsalleh
    I work at OHSU too and I don't know what "free parking" Blonde Babe is talking about unless she works at night. If you work at night, it's free. Otherwise, we all pay. During the day and for students at the nursing school, it's $13 a day and the availability is limited. You should figure on at least a 45 minute commute from Wilsonville in the morning (up to an hour or an hour and a half if the weather is bad or there is an accident on the highway) and then you have to give yourself at least 20 minutes to find parking or, if you've pre-booked and pre-paid for parking, you need to allow for walking time to get to class. I went to nursing school up here before I started working at the hospital, and the parking is a pain. There are parking attendants checking all the time, and if you're stuck late in a lecture, you'll find yourself facing an $85-$100 ticket. If you can figure out a way to take Trimet (the city bus) at least part of the way to school, it might be a better option, but it will add to your commute time. OHSU students do get a discount on Trimet season tickets.
  4. by   HeyNurse2014
    I agree... nice to visit but am looking to leave as soon as my current lease completes. It's not the weather, it's the people I see everyday in east Portland. Tons of homeless, panhandling on street corners and car break-ins. Now that marijuana has passed in the November elections it seems everyone thinks its legal here even though its not officially legal until July 1st. That added to the existing meth, heroin and oxycodone abuse and it's difficult to meet people who aren't under some sort of "influence". Sad really... because the natural beauty of the area is awesome. Still it doesn't make up for this percentage of the local population.
  5. by   hunnybaby24
    mallysmama I sent you a PM!