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Pioneer Pacific's LPN program

  1. 0 Does anyone have any thoughts on the lpn program at Pioneer Pacific? My husband just got in there with plans of transfering to an lpn-rn program.
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    I know Clark in Vancouver does a lot of LPN to RN's, for when the time comes.
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    This is a new program for them so no real background to go on. But people I know who have attended Pioneer Pacific for MOA programs were very satisfied, felt they got a good education and assistance in finding employment. Haven't heard any negative feedback, so let's hope that is the case in their LPN program as well.
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    I am currently a student in the pioneer pacific lpn program, I graduate the first week of December. I have been looking into LPN to RN programs as well. Clark community college and chemeketa (in salem) take lpn transfer students. Once the program is fully accredited you can apply to portland community college as a transfer student (within 2 years of approval). The program will get full accreditation once the first graduating class graduates and 85% of the class passes the state board.
    Most community colleges require lpn transfer applicants to take a knowledge verification test and then put you on a waiting list. It is important to note that to apply for a traditional nursing program you need to have that schools pre-reqs completed. The pioneer pacific A&P does not transfer.
    Most programs start once a year during september so it will take at least a year to start. Clark College does start every term.
    I am leaning towards the excelsior program because it will allow me to work full time and continue my education. I have checked with the state board of nursing and the excelsior program is accepted in Oregon with no additional clinical time.
    I hope this information was helpful!
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    Thank you for the information. I was just accepted into the Pioneer Pacific College LPN program. I start next Monday. I guess they had over 700 applicants and only accepted 60 students.
    If you have any tips to making it throught the program please let me know.
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    I can only speak from my experience with the one clinical student we've had from Pioneer. I was not impressed with the student or the clinical instructor. Neither seem to be suitable for acute care. No burning desire to care for patients.
    I hope all of you know that your chances of entering an LPN-RN program is not enchanced by this pathway. RN programs only take a limited number of LPNs for the second year and it is even more competative than the inital entry. Also since quite a few hospitals have eliminated or greatly decreased the number of LPN positions job prospects are mainly limited to long term care. Not that there is anything wrong with long term care I just think people should know this and plan accordingly. Good luck to all and I wish you all the very best in your nursing careers.:spin:
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    hi, i'm currently a student at pioneer pacific college in the lpn program. i'm a bit frusterated with the program right now. i found out that my credits are not going to transfer to another college for the lpn-rn program. any suggestions....

    lpn student in oregon
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    any new comments or ideas about the lpn program at pioneer pacific college in wilsonville?
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    Quote from amjajajo
    hi, i'm currently a student at pioneer pacific college in the lpn program. i'm a bit frusterated with the program right now. i found out that my credits are not going to transfer to another college for the lpn-rn program. any suggestions....

    lpn student in oregon

    check out the online lpn-rn programs
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    i'm thinking of checking pioneer pacific's lpn program out ... anyone here graduate from there??

    how did you like the program and did you think you were adequately prepared for the real world of nursing?

    how are the job prospects today?

    any advice at all?
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    Hmmm...yes, my very sister was very excited when she found the LPN info about pioneer pacific (she thought it might be helpful to me as a shorter step towards nursedom). I talked with my teacher at PCC about it. I am currently fulfilling prerequisites and getting my CNA.

    My teacher recommended the CNA path, since I already have a BFA.
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    How could being a CNA be more beneficial than an LPN? That is absurd. As a matter of fact, there are many programs, PCC included, which accept the Pioneer Pacific as a transfer. It is damn near impossible to get in anywhere, but if you have a degree as an LPN, you are a sure-bet.
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    Various educational institutions offer points/incentives/recommendations for CNAs to get in. It does look like being an LPN is more helpful.

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